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invest in your future

August: Invest in Yourself

I so want the Bureau people to be better speakers. Do you want that for yourself? ——————— I remember the first time my speaker friend Brian Adams used the term “Investment” to an audience when promoting his motivational / inspirational products. He said to them: “This isn’t your cost for this. This is your investment. […]

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go for it!

Get Paid to Speak Champ Camp

Is Public Speaking Your Passion?  Are you working on your goals but not making enough progress?  Are you are spending time, energy and money but still not making progress?  How would you like to get paid for doing what you love?  Are you afraid to succeed? …What is stopping you then?  We just discovered a […]

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are you conditioning yourself for professional speaking

What are you conditioned for?

As a public speaker,  are you conditioning yourself? Our bodies conform to our lifestyle habits. A typical blood  cell lives in our body for 120 days.  A typical skin cell dies and is replaced every 35. Your body is constantly changing, out with the old & in with the new. And each time, each cell is […]

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