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wing2wing - all in how you frame it

Wing2Wing: Successful Speaking Strategies

Over the course of this year, in building the Emerging Speakers Bureau, I’ve learned so many things.  But the #1 thing I’ve seen in Emerging Speakers themselves is wanting to be ‘the big name’ speaker, instead of delving into, discovering, and owning who they are and capitalizing on that powerful portfolio of information.   Instead, […]

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kickoff for 2014

Dec: Kickoff Next Year with a 2014 Strategy

This Kick-Off-Next-Year meeting is about you. You, your speaking and 2014. I will address two paths, the business path and the speaking path, with two stories. Let’s start 2014 with a plan for your speaking. Whether huge goals or small steps, let’s do something together. That’s right, together – for support and accountability. As you probably know, there is nothing like reaching an audience. Several […]

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Key to being ready

The Key to Being Ready

Victor raises a very good topic in this month’s Chairman’s Chat ‘April: Ya Gotta Be Ready!’.  Too many times we are not ready for our 15 minutes when it hits. Many times we are focused on perfection, the right topic, the perfect video, the right business card, and never get out of the gate.  The […]

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Vitals Signs - Be Proactive Not Reactive

Be Proactive, not Reactive; Change Your Life.

Wouldn’t you rather be ahead of the game, instead of trying to catch-up? Sure, there are times when emergencies and the sneak attacks of life happen, but most times, there are ways to be prepared. Like being prepared for your speaking success, having someone call you to book a gig, rather than you having to […]

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Be Present to Get to Finish Line

November: Form is in the moment

Professional Speakers make it look so easy don’t they? As if they just walked right up there and started speaking. Yet, there are some speakers that seem to connect, and some that don’t.  Do you know what the difference is? Presence. Are you “present” when you are speaking? Do you know your voice, your intensity, your […]

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speaking strategy

Are You Just a Speaker or Are You a Triple Threat?

If you are serious about being a speaker, whether full time, part time, for a cause or for work, it is no longer wise to be ‘just a speaker’ – someone who speaks on the podium and doles out motivation or advice.      Competition is getting deeper, younger, and more talented. Patience and attention spans […]

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LinkedIn Skills Section

LinkedIn: 7 Silver Bullets to Build Your Pipeline

So there are multitudes of Linkedin experts out there. All giving the same advice you’ve heard a thousand times already. But as Speakers, it still amazes me how many of us still don’t take advantage of the tool!     Here’s 7 secret LinkedIn silver bullets to build your connections, your leads, and your credibility: […]

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April: Spring Into Action

We’re overdue for something new at the Bureau. And here it is: It’s time to UP our game. Why?  Three reasons: 1. Competition – Competition from “experts” who are now speaking. Rae-Ann has been telling me this for a year. When she goes to her weekly meetings, Marketing and Social Media, she hears the leaders […]

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