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TM and SM equal more money

SM x TM = $$: Capitalize on Speaking

Tired of having one hit wonder speeches? You write a manual speech, deliver it, and it’s over? Capitalizing on your TM work by marrying your TM skills with social media to make more $, increase credibility, & build your pipeline is easier than you think. The ability to give speeches publicly makes you more marketable. […]

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Wedded Words

Toasting to the three Cs of a successful marriage. On Saturday, July 7, 2012, I had the honor of marrying Chris and Kirsten Wallace, a shy, young couple who didn’t want the spotlight, didn’t want to have a long ceremony and didn’t to say (or write) their vows. They made it clear to me the […]

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Tasteful Halloween Toast

Three Tricks and Treats for Toasting

Learn how to ward off ghosts and goblins before taking the stage. Halloween is a good time to be scared, but a bad time to have the hebejebes before you stand up at a party and give a toast. If you feel the tension creeping into your shoulders or your stomach tightening up it’s time to relax […]

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April: Spring Into Action

We’re overdue for something new at the Bureau. And here it is: It’s time to UP our game. Why?  Three reasons: 1. Competition – Competition from “experts” who are now speaking. Rae-Ann has been telling me this for a year. When she goes to her weekly meetings, Marketing and Social Media, she hears the leaders […]

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Power of Storytelling

Storytelling Techniques

Good sales training programs focus on process and execution; because that is what drives results: proven process and crisp execution. But take all of that away and you’re left with one thing: the ability to tell good stories. Customers don’t buy products or services, they buy solutions to problems. Telling stories provides an avenue to […]

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