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Resolutions on Steroids

January: Resolutions on Steroids

Jump into January 2013! It’s 2013 – what do you HAVE to do this year? Notice that it’s NOT: “What do you WANT to do this year?” I’m not talking New Year’s resolutions: those are desires, ‘shoulda-coulda-musta’s (you know the kind: ‘I should lose weight/must lose weight’), ideas, suggestions, etc. I’m talking – ‘I must […]

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The Power of Why in Goal Setting

As a 6 sigma Master Black Belt, one of the tools we were taught was the ‘fishbone’ diagram; a tool to identify the root causes of a problem. Not symptoms, but to id the root causes.  To get to those causes, you must continually ask why. (For those so inclined, the ‘fishbone’ is also known […]

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