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Key to being ready

The Key to Being Ready

Victor raises a very good topic in this month’s Chairman’s Chat ‘April: Ya Gotta Be Ready!’.  Too many times we are not ready for our 15 minutes when it hits. Many times we are focused on perfection, the right topic, the perfect video, the right business card, and never get out of the gate.  The […]

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February: Power of Practice

LACE was in January. I spoke, as did Kevin Graham and Michael Varma. I did an encore performance of the Networking presentation I’d done six months ago. Those four presentations, plus once to an outside group, were priceless experience toward a better version this time. There’s a different concentration after you’ve given your presentation eight […]

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The Power of Why in Goal Setting

As a 6 sigma Master Black Belt, one of the tools we were taught was the ‘fishbone’ diagram; a tool to identify the root causes of a problem. Not symptoms, but to id the root causes.  To get to those causes, you must continually ask why. (For those so inclined, the ‘fishbone’ is also known […]

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Chairman’s Chat: December

Key Subject line: Storytelling Wednesday – don’t miss it! With Cookies, Coffee, and Ed Tate! —————–   Storytelling tips from a pro – a gift from the speaking Gods. Storytelling in public speaking is a given.  Audiences don’t want a list of facts – they can get that from a book. How many times have you […]

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