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Are you ‘just’ cool, or something more?

We’ve always put so much emphasis on ‘cool’ on being ‘cool’, remember back to high school? Heck, remember the iphone? But what really is ‘cool’?  Does it mean: Latest? Greatest? Fanciest? Expanding on that to business cards – we also carry that obsession to business. Cards. Websites. Flyers.  Maybe it’s all about the flash.  But […]

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Stand-out or Step Out of the Way

The Power of Defining Your Core Message: We’ve all heard of the ‘IT’ factor.  That je ne sais quoi. Both are ways to point out that certain indefinable something: when you are firing on all cylinders, when everything meshes and is cohesive. Nothing is holding you back; you’re comfortable in your own skin. But what […]

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