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emerging speakers timeline template

Gotta Gig? Now what!?

CONGRATULATIONS!!! YOU were invited to speak!   So what’s your topic? Better yet, what’s your title? “Um…. I don’t have one yet.  What do I need to do?  I was asked to speak on X.” Can I be really honest with you?  As emerging speakers, we can’t jump out of the gate acting like the pro’s, […]

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Marketing Fail: Why Your Social Media Posts are Failing

Marketing Fail: Pushin’ & Pimpin’

OK – the time has come to speak up. As speakers looking to make a name for yourselves, to differentiate yourselves from the competition, and to make more substantial income, steering clear of a  common practice and an alarming new trend will put you on the right path. The goal here is to persuade you […]

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Key to being ready

The Key to Being Ready

Victor raises a very good topic in this month’s Chairman’s Chat ‘April: Ya Gotta Be Ready!’.  Too many times we are not ready for our 15 minutes when it hits. Many times we are focused on perfection, the right topic, the perfect video, the right business card, and never get out of the gate.  The […]

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coworking - death to networking

Death to Networking

(this is a reprint from my JerseyJellyWeek.com blog, which applies to folks here). Yeah – there – I said it.  Traditional networking gives me the hives for all the wrong reasons (as if there’s really a good hive reason), and personally I think it’s walking on its last leg. Before you attack me, even though you […]

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Bullseye Branding

Year in Review – Brand Baseline

Year in Review: Performance & Branding Health Every December, I partake in my annual “Year in Review” process. It is based on something I hooked into previously when I got tired of waiting for Managers at the places I worked determine the fate of my future. (Chris Guillebeau, “The Art of Non Conformity” even posted […]

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speaking strategy

Are You Just a Speaker or Are You a Triple Threat?

If you are serious about being a speaker, whether full time, part time, for a cause or for work, it is no longer wise to be ‘just a speaker’ – someone who speaks on the podium and doles out motivation or advice.      Competition is getting deeper, younger, and more talented. Patience and attention spans […]

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power of names

September: The Power of names, labels & catch phrases

As I grabbed the special sunscreen for my face before my bike ride, the “dermatologist recommended” one that protects from UVA as well as UVB, I noticed the name: Age Shield. That’s perfect, just what I need. Hey wait, that’s only the name, not what it necessarily does. The power of names! What is the […]

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12 Ways to Create Your Own Buzz

As speakers and small business owners, we sometimes need to do some serious bootstrapping to grow our brand, our business, and our careers.  I have listed 12 ideas below for you to use in building your own buzz to create more business.  I have tried all with great results.  If you have others, please feel […]

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7 Awesome Resources for Speakers

At January’s Speakers Bureau meeting, I provided several resources and challenged the speakers to research and book gigs for themselves.  I challenge my career management coaching clients that same way, to find information about companies they would like to work at, to provide services for, or to contact for more information.  For those clients, I […]

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Skip Plan B, It Distracts From Plan A

The title of this post is actually a line from a Will Smith song, and some of his talks.  It has stuck in my head for years, mainly because I am a burner of bridges (the typical plan b resource). Yet recently, I heard Peter Shankman (founder of HARO – Help A Reporter Out) speak […]

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