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Marketing Fail: Why Your Social Media Posts are Failing

Marketing Fail: Pushin’ & Pimpin’

OK – the time has come to speak up. As speakers looking to make a name for yourselves, to differentiate yourselves from the competition, and to make more substantial income, steering clear of a  common practice and an alarming new trend will put you on the right path. The goal here is to persuade you […]

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Tool man

Cool Tool Finds

This month several cool tool finds came across my desk so I had to implement some and give you a quick review.  (None of these links are affiliate links FYI – just information links if you are interested in checking them out). Cool Tools for Speakers: Udemy – a new online training place.  Very easy […]

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LinkedIn Skills Section

LinkedIn: 7 Silver Bullets to Build Your Pipeline

So there are multitudes of Linkedin experts out there. All giving the same advice you’ve heard a thousand times already. But as Speakers, it still amazes me how many of us still don’t take advantage of the tool!     Here’s 7 secret LinkedIn silver bullets to build your connections, your leads, and your credibility: […]

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Magnify Your Speakers Bureau Membership

Magnify Your Speakers Bureau Membership

Within the span of 2 weeks – I have listened to 8 webinars & read at least a dozen emails on up’ing your speaking game, speaking for cash, how to make $ speaking, etc.  Who are these random people showing up in my inbox & how did everyone get to be a speaking expert / […]

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7 Awesome Resources for Speakers

At January’s Speakers Bureau meeting, I provided several resources and challenged the speakers to research and book gigs for themselves.  I challenge my career management coaching clients that same way, to find information about companies they would like to work at, to provide services for, or to contact for more information.  For those clients, I […]

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