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Multiplier Effect

How would you like to have a multiplier effect and leave a legacy? Todays post is courtesy of Hugh MacLeod and the gapingvoidgallery.com.  I have posted on him before, in a post titled Making Traction,  but today’s post is relevant to the EDU I presented on 1.11.12. I cannot tell you what to do.  Lord […]

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Are you ‘just’ cool, or something more?

We’ve always put so much emphasis on ‘cool’ on being ‘cool’, remember back to high school? Heck, remember the iphone? But what really is ‘cool’?  Does it mean: Latest? Greatest? Fanciest? Expanding on that to business cards – we also carry that obsession to business. Cards. Websites. Flyers.  Maybe it’s all about the flash.  But […]

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