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Write Your Goals

Three Writes Make You a Winner

Becoming a self-motivated dynamo is easy as one, two, three and generates three glorious benefits: clarity, confidence and charisma. We’ll do this together. Get a blank piece of paper and pen – I know, so “old school” – but this allows you to read and write as we go step by step. 1. Write down […]

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kickoff for 2014

Dec: Kickoff Next Year with a 2014 Strategy

This Kick-Off-Next-Year meeting is about you. You, your speaking and 2014. I will address two paths, the business path and the speaking path, with two stories. Let’s start 2014 with a plan for your speaking. Whether huge goals or small steps, let’s do something together. That’s right, together – for support and accountability. As you probably know, there is nothing like reaching an audience. Several […]

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The Big Leagues

July: Are you Shooting for the Big Leagues?

I grew up in a neighborhood where there was a bunch of kids. We played whatever sport was in season. We knew we were low level, but didn’t think any more about it. Heck, we were in our own little world. Then we had an outsider come play with us. He played school football. He […]

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Tasteful Toasts 3 Ways to Maintain Your Motivation

3 Ways to Maintain Your Motivation

I’m envious and occasionally jealous of people who have a single-minded focus and boundless energy towards their personal and professional projects. How do they find the time to get it all done? Are they eating special super-foods? Can I learn to be just as successful? I discovered all high achievers from bodybuilder, actor and politician […]

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5 Ways to Follow-Through in February

  After teaching a workshop at the sold-out Leadership and Communication Expo in San Diego, Calif., I had an epiphany. You can use the same five Facebook posting techniques to keep yourself energized about your New Year’s resolutions. My session, Facebook for Fun and Profit, listed five ways to engage website viewers to click-and-order or visit […]

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Resolutions on Steroids

January: Resolutions on Steroids

Jump into January 2013! It’s 2013 – what do you HAVE to do this year? Notice that it’s NOT: “What do you WANT to do this year?” I’m not talking New Year’s resolutions: those are desires, ‘shoulda-coulda-musta’s (you know the kind: ‘I should lose weight/must lose weight’), ideas, suggestions, etc. I’m talking – ‘I must […]

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Barbara and Michael Varma Celebrate 2013

Pick One and Get It Done

Every January you read dozens of articles on New Year’s resolutions, everything from how to eat right, exercise, and balance the work/home life. But all are missing a vital piece of information. I’ve even written a few articles that were printed in newspapers and circled the globe online and yet I, too, overlooked the basic […]

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