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What Swimming Can Teach Us

This is a guest post provided by recommendations of Facebook friends.   There are many great points here which are applicable to all of us speakers.  Enjoy.   While there isn’t an exact formula for success that can be applied to everyone, there are some typical traits and habits of those who have achieved success […]

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Barbara and Michael Varma Celebrate 2013

Pick One and Get It Done

Every January you read dozens of articles on New Year’s resolutions, everything from how to eat right, exercise, and balance the work/home life. But all are missing a vital piece of information. I’ve even written a few articles that were printed in newspapers and circled the globe online and yet I, too, overlooked the basic […]

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The Power of Why in Goal Setting

As a 6 sigma Master Black Belt, one of the tools we were taught was the ‘fishbone’ diagram; a tool to identify the root causes of a problem. Not symptoms, but to id the root causes.  To get to those causes, you must continually ask why. (For those so inclined, the ‘fishbone’ is also known […]

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Find Your Focus to Win Your Game

I recently attended a mystery writers workshop where authors shared their dirty little secrects for producing a ploethora of pages. Several described elaborate writing rituals of being in sacrosaint chairs with morning stimulants – coffee, tea, jelly beans. A few explained how they play a fifteen minute game: Write a thousand words in fifteen minutes […]

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