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wing2wing - all in how you frame it

Wing2Wing: Successful Speaking Strategies

Over the course of this year, in building the Emerging Speakers Bureau, I’ve learned so many things.  But the #1 thing I’ve seen in Emerging Speakers themselves is wanting to be ‘the big name’ speaker, instead of delving into, discovering, and owning who they are and capitalizing on that powerful portfolio of information.   Instead, […]

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Marketing Fail: Why Your Social Media Posts are Failing

Marketing Fail: Pushin’ & Pimpin’

OK – the time has come to speak up. As speakers looking to make a name for yourselves, to differentiate yourselves from the competition, and to make more substantial income, steering clear of a  common practice and an alarming new trend will put you on the right path. The goal here is to persuade you […]

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Key to being ready

The Key to Being Ready

Victor raises a very good topic in this month’s Chairman’s Chat ‘April: Ya Gotta Be Ready!’.  Too many times we are not ready for our 15 minutes when it hits. Many times we are focused on perfection, the right topic, the perfect video, the right business card, and never get out of the gate.  The […]

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Bullseye Branding

Year in Review – Brand Baseline

Year in Review: Performance & Branding Health Every December, I partake in my annual “Year in Review” process. It is based on something I hooked into previously when I got tired of waiting for Managers at the places I worked determine the fate of my future. (Chris Guillebeau, “The Art of Non Conformity” even posted […]

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