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OC Speakers Bureau is represented by the following speakers who have Qualified by meeting higher standards of Presentation and Speaking ability. To find a specific speaker, click on the first letter of their last name. Scroll down to find your specific speaker. All qualified speakers are in alphabetical order.

Qualified Speaker                                     Speaker Bio                        Availablity

Peter Albini

Before becoming a Qualified Speaker, Peter G. Albini spent four years as an amateur radio DJ. Producing his own radio show (both live and pre-recorded). With two runs for political office Peter brings a level of insight into the political process that can only come from being a candidate.

In addition, Peter G. Albini has lost 26% of his body weight (50+ pounds). He feels the lessons learned and information gained are so important that he speaks on this subject as often as he can, and shares his story with a variety of audiences.

As an ambassador for the Multiple Sclerosis Society, Peter also provides public speaking workshops for the MS society. He was recognized for his efforts by being named the 2011 MS Society, Pacific South Coast Chapter, Ambassador of the year.

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Cheri Alguire


Cheri Alguire is an author, trainer, speaker and coach who has been helping her clients take their business and their lives to the next level of success for over a decade. Her latest book titled 13 Lessons in 13.1 Miles supports and is endorsed by many running charities. Find out more at www.13Lessons.com or www.CheriAlguire.com.


Speech Topics:

Just Say YES!: It is important to not let life’s challenges get in your way. After running a half-marathon for charity, Cheri wrote a book about how to take the lessons learned from doing something you once thought an impossible feat and apply them to everything you do in business and in life.

The Success Pattern to any Direct Sales Business: So many times managers tell their new recruits to make a list of everyone they know and just begin contacting them. This approach produces a low success rate and a high turnover rate. Cheri teaches a proven three part system to

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Victor Broski

Victor Broski is a Professional Presentation, Speaking and Networking Coach focusing on helping new, emerging speakers find their confidence & voice and hone their presentations so they can take their professional speaking careers to the stage. His insight, and patient, humorous style empowers newer speakers to develop and fine-tune their skills.

As Chairman of the Founder’s District Speaker Bureau, he coordinates and drives successful monthly ‘Crank-it-up’ meetings empowering Speakers with knowledge and growth opportunities. He is also a Trainer, Author, and Professional Speaker teaching you how to Connect, Engage, and Live with Vitality.

Speech Topics:

Networking in the Real World: Are you intimidated by Networking? Don’t think you can make it work for you? Do you cringe at the thought of walking into a room of near strangers? Learn from a man who grew up shy in high school and college, and figured out the fun side of networking/socializing.

Let Victor entertain and educate your groups with new and innovative tips, tricks, and techniques which will help them build and maintain their networks so their networks are ready when needed.  He also teaches and assists them in Mastering the Art of Small Talk, the ability to engage anyone, anywhere.

Young At Any Age: Do you find yourself saying, “I’m too old for this!” Are you uneasy about your age? At work, do you think people treat you as if you are ‘too old’?

Victor Broski will mobilize you and your group to take action with tips, tricks and techniques that will inspire a change in everyone’s outlook, as well as in their activities – ideal for those who really want to “grow until they go.”  As the author of Young at Any Age, and practicing good health for over 40 years, he brings fresh insights on the perceptions that dominate our culture on aging. Victor moves his audiences to re-examine all they believe about life after 50.

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Bill Copple

Bill Copple, a Toastmasters Competent Communicatoris focused on physical activity and health.  He fell over a thousand cliff one day while riding his motorcycle.  In a coma for three months, the hospital for about six months, and in a wheelchair for about a year, your can consider him a ghost of his former self.

Now, his main goal is helping people to first realize they can, and then with follow through, actually can do most anything they want to do.  Not only is he still alive and able to function, he continues to remain very physically active through working out, SCUBA diving, bicycling, and motorcycling.  He speaks about his experiences, and is involved in writing a book about the experience.  Challenges to him are now viewed as ordinary occurrences, and hasn’t quite found one that he hasn’t been able to overcome or work around in some way.  Especially on the physical level, but overall as well, he always looks to help people overcome the difficulties in life with the right attitude, and strive to thrive.  If you are looking for a motivational and inspirational speaker to help your group overcome challenges, please contact Bill Copple.



Dave Cornelius

Dave Cornelius

Dr. Cornelius is an author, speaker, and coach — experienced IT and business professional — lean and agile catalyst, who leads and empowers others to achieve their very best.  Dave has significant experience leading IT transformations from concept to cash and business optimizations through agile and lean adoption.  Dr. Cornelius coaching experience includes traditional (PMI) and agile (scrum and lean) project management practices.

Purpose: To serve God by serving others, to inspire continual learning, and to add value to individuals by enhancing their professional growth and development.

Presentation topics:

  • Creating Your Purpose and Action Plans
  • Tools 4 Fools: Leading Innovations
  • 7 Factors to Successfully Lead Global Teams
  • Social Media, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud Computing (SMAC) and Transforming Innovations
  • PM Role in a Lean and Agile World
  • What is Agile Doing for You?: Evaluating the Value of Scrum to Organizations

Dr. Cornelius style is interactive, as he believes learning requires participation by the learners (One of his favorite phrases is “Learning is continual and collaborative!”). Dave wants his audience to share their knowledge during his presentations and he employs a workshop-style model of presenting information.

Dave looks forward to learning from and sharing his experiences and knowledge with each and every client.

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Coach Mike

Mike Davis is Adrenaline Radio‘s talk show host, also known as “Coach Mike” by his Kidz “n” Sports   fans, speaks on a number of topics to businesses, youth organizations, service clubs and at Founder’s District Leadership and Communication Education workshops.




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Larry Gassin

Larry Gassin: Why Will Your Next Meeting or Event Be Most Successful If You Have Larry Gassin Speak or Train?

In a word – RESULTS!  You need to accomplish something at your next meeting or big event; and when it’s all over you want to have shown leadership and the ability to generate results.

You have a purpose in your planning and Larry will work with you to bring that purpose to life through his presentations and workshops. As a success strategist and business results coach he knows it’s critical to creatively connect his content with the climate, cause, and crowd to achieve your hoped-for results. He’s even helped clients facilitate their meeting and event planning through the process of making sure their end-game is clear. He delivers solid substance with a style that sticks, making a meaningful, motivational and memorable message.

Drawing upon the breadth and depth of his unique business background and coaching skills, he interacts with his audiences to provide tools to use and the motivation to use them – both immediately, and long after they’ve “digested” the message.

Speaking and training on the areas of  Leadership, Goal-Getting Mastery, Maximum Achievement, E.T.H.I.C.S., Business Building, Sales, Customer Service and Team Building Larry helps:

  • facilitate the focus
  • overcome the obstacles
  • champion the challenges in change
  • train and transform the team

Make sure your next meeting or event is even more successful and have Larry deliver a keynote address, presentation, or workshop that will be right on target for your group or team and help them begin to experience the power of success by design!

Contact Larry through his websites: www.advancedcoachingsolutions.com and www.larrygassin.com


Kevin Graham

Kevin Graham is an expert on Sales and Leadership. He’s “been there / done that” when it comes to sales success. He qualified for President’s Club status in three Fortune 500 companies, led teams of more than 100 associates and delivered revenues in excess of $1 billion dollars per annum. His passion for the customer and commitment to sales objectives are contagious and your team will benefit from his insights and perspective.

Speech Topics:

  • The Power of Customer Intimacy
  • Qualifying – The Most Important Step in the Sales Process
  • Become a Consistent Closer
  • Strong Leadership at All Levels

Energize your sales team with a renewed vigor for sales objectives and an unparalleled passion for meeting your customers’ needs. Empowered Sales Training presentations are always aligned to meet your objectives and values. Contact Kevin Graham today at 949-701-8400 or graham@empoweredsalestraining.com.


Chris L. Gregory

Chris Gregory has a simple but extremely effective formula that every leader needs to do to motivate their charges to achieve their best. The formula is L=E3.

He is neither a mathematician nor a mad scientist, but rather he brings to the plate 25 years of coaching youth in amateur sports, 20 years as a manager in the corporate world, and 10 years as a general foreman. Chris has been a motivational and inspirational speaker in California’s Orange County for more than five years.

His quest – to help bring out the best in others.

His topics include:
Attitude, Cancer, Coaching, Communication, Empowerment, Goal Setting, Image/Self Esteem, Inspiration, Leadership, Motivation, Presentation Skills, Public Speaking, Team Building
His speeches include:
L=E3 – a simple formula with a profound effect
Be There, Be Fair and Show That You Care
Surviving the Impossible
Attitude – I have one – Do you?
The Incredible Smile
Heroes of a Different Kind
Write it Down Before it’s Too Late

Chris is a retired Sr. Technical Support Engineer, speaker coach, author and poet who has been supporting and training people for over 35 years. He has spoken to both large and small groups and knows that the closer he can get to the audience, the more he can effect change.

To check for availability for Chris Gregory to speak at your event, please contact him at:

Chris Gregory       lchrisgregory@teampic.com

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Michelle Deets Haynes has been connected to school from day one. The daughter of teachers, she’s been teacher’s pet to  classroom teacher to tutor, and tutor recruiter. Michelle earned her B.A. in marketing from Cal State Fullerton in 1993 and later returned for her teacher credentialing work. After working in marketing, teaching, and private industry, Michelle founded Clarity Learning Private Tutoring in 2001. Drawing from her observations of and experiences with students of all ages, she presents practical ideas to help students and their families.

Michelle’s academic presentations are designed for:

  • Parents who want fresh ways to work with their pre-kindergarten through high school students
  • Middle and high school students who need a variety of study methods to succeed in their classes.
  • Athletes who need tools to manage their time.
  • Adults who are returning to college and don’t know how to study.

Over the years, she has hosted a variety of workshops for parents. Her presentations can open your school’s next PTA meeting or add an informative session at your sports/band/cheer camp.

Michelle is also bringing her energetic dialogues to the clean tech industry. She offers presentations on the issues, solutions, and triumphs in the resource sustainability movement. Her goal as a “clean tech evangelist” is to excite the public about the environmental advances made by business and industry and to spread the message that science, ingenuity, and personal choice will lead us to cleaner communities.

Michelle can be reached through her website, www.claritylearning.net .

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Pat McClure

Patrick McClure, founder and President of the Connexia Group, works with individuals and corporations to achieve maximum performance and results in their sales and marketing organizations.

For over 30 years, he has been training salespeople and managers to become amazingly proficient and results-oriented.  He has a knack for reducing the most complex processes to their basic simplicity.  As a trainer, speaker, consultant and author, he has dedicated his practice to helping others achieve Peak Performance.

Mr. McClure specializes in three critical leadership skills:

  • Sales skills.
  • Presentation Skills
  • Management

During his 25 years in corporate America, he achieved spectacular results. He personally sold over $100 million in products and services for companies such as IBM, Digital Equipment, EDS and Hitachi Data Systems.  He also leveraged significantly greater sales via indirect channels working with VARs and Resellers. As a sales manager, he is known for increasing skills and performance levels, guiding his teams to consistent success.  Five years ago, he left corporate America and founded the Connexia Group.

Patrick is a member of the National Speaker’s Association (NSA), the Association for Professional Consultants (APC) and the American Society of Training & Development (ASTD). He has achieved Distinguished Toastmaster certification with Toastmaster’s International.

His first book, “Precision Selling: 21 Winning Strategies to Achieve Peak Performance” is now available in either book or audio-CD format. His second book “Find Lost Revenue: Uncover Hidden Causes to your most common Sales & Marketing Problems” has just been published. Available on website or via Amazon.com.
Contact Information: Email: patrick@connexiagroup.com  Web: www.connexiagroup.com

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Lourdes Ortiz is a Human Resource & Safety Director specializing in  Creating Practical Solutions for Today’s Human Resource Challenges.

Bringing on the right talent and helping them succeed requires the understanding of culture, personalities diversity, and the needs of the organization. This combined with the knowledge and experience of labor law, human resources, safety and workers compensation practices will bring success to any organization.  Lourdes is the experienced person you need to assist your business and teams in determining the actions you need to take now for a more profitable business tomorrow.

Focused on outcome and positive interpersonal experiences, she eases each step of the Human Resource process with utmost attention to detail.  With the same commitment, dedication and focus required for a triathlete to get to the finish line, she help others succeed to reach their goals and get to the finish line.  Lourdes creates the perfect partnership of skill, strategy, and performance.

To hire, manage, and maintain the most important asset of the organization, the human aspect, a company must be diligent in the steps it takes, and requires a well–rounded individual overseeing those tasks, one who properly balances the needs of the company with the needs of the employees. Each step has its risks. Only a properly skilled and trained HR manager can help you avoid the traps that each step brings through the expertise required in the Safety & Workers Compensation as well as Human Resource Management core competencies.  Lourdes speaks on the topics below to work with you on creating the successful environment you need today.

Speech Topics:

  • What to look for in the Hiring Process: Balancing Risk Mitigation with Profitability Enhancement
  • Employer & Employee Expectations: You Can Find a Common Ground to Create Win-Win.
  • You Can Minimize Workers Compensation Costs: Let Me Show You How
  • Creating Success at Any Stage of Our Lives & Careers: Helping Your Employees be more Productive.
  • Creating the Right Discipline that turns into Good Health AND Profits.
  • Managing the Insurance Cost Nightmare: How to Maintain and Control Insurance Costs
  • How a Well-Managed HR Drives a Company’s Success: New Techniques for a New Future

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Lee Pound

Lee Pound Lee Pound is a professional speaker, writing coach, editor, book publisher and co-producer of the Speak Your Way to Wealth seminar. He is the author of seven books including 57 Steps to Better Writing, Coaching for the New Century and Adapt! How to Survive and Thrive in the Changing World of Work. He’s also the co-author of the upcoming books Adapt or Perish and Profitable Social Media.



Speech Topics:

How to Write and Publish Your Book: Strategies to create a book that will brand you and make you the recognized expert in your market.

How to Use Social Media to Attract Customers and Clients: Using Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, and other Web 2.0 sites to brand yourself and build a list of followers who will do business with you.


Robert A. Richert

Robert A. Richert is a professional artist, and also professional caliber speaker.  He is known for a strong sense of humor and enthusiasm about the subjects of his talks.  Robert has given many speeches to service organizations, all grade levels of schools including colleges, and various other groups.



Speech Topics:

A Window into the Artist’s Creative Mind – Robert will bring samples of his art and share a PowerPoint presentation that features some of his paintings.  You will see how these paintings were inspired and conceived.  In a remarkable sequence of visual images, you will observe – step by step – the process by which Robert created some of his highly realistic paintings from start to finish!  People that have seen this sequence say it is like looking through a window into the artist’s creative mind.

Letters from Vietnam – Robert will share some of his experiences in this unpopular war and the lessons he learned.  The talk is accompanied by a PowerPoint featuring several of his photographs from the field.  Fortunately, Mr. Richert’s mother saved all of his letters sent home from the war.  Your group will hear first hand accounts from Vietnam as Robert wrote them down over 40 years ago!  They will experience details about life in the field that are usually lost to memory.  Robert will share his insights about coping with the stress of war, the discomfort of life in the infantry, and also make you laugh!  Your group will better understand a place and time important to our nation’s history.

Evolution: The Fossil Evidence – Robert will challenge the claims of Creationists that the fossil evidence for evolution is lacking.  He will share a PowerPoint presentation showing numerous dramatic examples of species change through time.  Your group will see stunning sequences such as the evolution of modern whales from a land dwelling ancestor as well as human evolution.  Robert argues that these stunning sequences of fossils demonstrate unambiguously the that life on earth has evolved over time.  Join him on this fascinating journey!

Visit his website, RichertArt.com


Belinda Sanders

Belinda Sanders is the author of 21+ Tips to Power-Up Your Writing and Get Their Attention. Sanders has more than 15 years of experience writing copy and speaking professionally. She a gift for creating articulate written materials to inform, educate, position, persuade, motivate or inspire; and accurately writing the messages others have difficulty expressing. Customers include the National Speakers Association, Toastmasters International and the Los Angeles Flower Market.


Speech Topics:

Business Writing Made Easy – Learn how to engage readers, gain credibility, boost effectiveness and clarify purpose so you can attract clients and create loyalty.

Prepare for Care – Stress eliminators to help you prepare for balancing caregiver responsibilities and workplace issues when your loved one suddenly needs care. You’ll want to tell the boss about this!


Robert Scanlan

Robert Scanlan is your coach for the major transitions in your life or business. Grow, change, adapt ….faster, easier, with less stress. He has successfully started, managed, financed, or coached hundreds of small businesses. Scanlan was co-founder of the first non-bank SBA loan funder – the largest SBA lender in the nation at that time and knows how to handle dynamic and unexpected change. He is recipient or three organ transplants and is a pro-bono coach to transplant patients and their families in crisis at UCLA’s Liver Transplant Unit.


Speech Topics:

Managing Transition in Life and Business Want to grow at what you are doing, but aren’t sure how to move ahead? Time for a change? Feeling “stuck”? Faced with an unexpected life changing event? There are proven methods to clarify your answers, reduce your stress and accelerate your breakthrough.

Human Organ Transplants Learn and be inspired by this miracle from the perspective of love and legacy for the donor family, from the gratitude and inspiration of the recipient, or the challenge and courage of the caregivers.


Seth Sherwood


Seth Sherwood is the founder and director of the Family Reading Inc. (F.R.I.), a non profit organization based in Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif., created to help families become literacy leaders. This mission is achieved through presentations at school assemblies, parent meetings and community keynote speeches.



Speech Topics:

Family Literacy – Inspire your children to excel in school.

Achieve Your Goals – Five simple steps to adjust your attitude.


Angela Stout

Angela Stout is a speaker, singer, and philanthropist with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Bible and Associate of Arts in Music. She is passionate about helping others to overcome personal failures by realizing God’s purpose in their pain and struggles. In her riveting memoir, This Can’t Be Happening to Me, Stout shows no failure is too great for God’s mercy and grace. Find out more at www.AngelActOne.com.



Speech Topics:

Overcoming Failures: Stout shares her inspirational story of overcoming judgmental attitudes and feelings of loneliness after multiple obstacles. Learn faith-based teachings on what to do when you are at the bottom of life’s barrel and how to find joy on your way back up to the top.


Coach Rob Swineford

Rob “Coach Rob” Swineford, “America’s Coach for The Game of a Lifetime®”, is a keynote speaker and corporate coach who helps companies, schools, and organizations improve their players and strengthen their teams.  He also provides training in customer service, sales, and presentation skills.  Additionally, Coach Rob is the author of “Four Bits – 50 Thoughts on Life, Laughter and Love”.

Coach Rob’s specialty is inspirational talks helping companies and organizations educate and invigorate their teams through messages that tickle with humor, touch with heart and transform with honesty.

Speech Topics:

The Five Step Strategy for Harnessing the Incredible Gift of Vision

Leadership for a Lifetime
The Unconditional Fundamentals

The Power of MOVE
Creating Lasting Positive Momentum

He can be reached through his website www.TheGameofaLifetime.com or by calling his office @ 866 984-6722


Michael Varma

Michael Varma is a professional magician and award-winning Distinguished Toastmaster who knows what it takes to entertain an audience. Varma is also a published author of educational puzzle books and games and frequently performs at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, Calif.



Speech Topics:
Toasting Etiquette – Learn how to speak like a seasoned professional and offer the perfect toast for any occasion or event. Presented by the best selling author of Tasteful Toasts. “Michael makes giving a toast as easy as ABC.” – Toastmaster magazine

Public Relations – Discover where to find, create, and use FREE publicity to promote you or your business. Become your own “media specialist” and make your next event a success.

The Laughter Factor – Learn how and when to add humor to your presentations. Gain a better understanding of comedy with the Triangle of Timing and master the delivery through the three Ps of telling a joke: point, purpose and pause.


“Big Jack” Nichols

Jack Nichols is our Trusted Adviser, and Developer of Speaking Talent.  He is a well respected Business man and Entrepreneur, involved in several keys projects including authoring a new book.  He, along with several others, ensure the Quality of the Speakers Bureau Roster. When looking for recommendations and guidance, look to Big Jack.  Several key quotes anecdotes can be found at Big Jack’s Corner.






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