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Seth Godin: Two errors that lead to fear

Interesting piece about public speaker from Seth Godin: The members of the audience are interested in themselves. The audience wants to know what they can use, what they can learn, or at the very least, how they can be entertained. Speaking in public: two errors that lead to fear 1. You believe that you are […]

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Proper Praise for an Extended Tasteful Toast

Five Key Questions for Proper Praise

Last month I received a question, “Michael you tell us, ‘Remember the rhyme and you’ll do fine,’ but sometimes I want to say a little bit more at a celebration. How do I figure out what to say?” Always thrilled to receive requests – a.k.a. fan mail (in my mind) – I’m equally happy to […]

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Tasteful Toasts Aloha Spirit

Make Magic with the Aloha Spirit

Image how wonderful your world would be if everyone shared the Aloha Spirit once a day. You’d feel giddy inside knowing you helped make someone’s day a little bit brighter with minimal effort. That’s real magic. Hawaiians are known for their generosity, hospitality and warm sharing. This giving nature is grounded in the principle of […]

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Tasteful Halloween Toast

Three Tricks and Treats for Toasting

Learn how to ward off ghosts and goblins before taking the stage. Halloween is a good time to be scared, but a bad time to have the hebejebes before you stand up at a party and give a toast. If you feel the tension creeping into your shoulders or your stomach tightening up it’s time to relax […]

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Are You a ‘Hobby’ Speaker? 7 Questions to ask yourself…

I’ve been sitting back and listening to a lot of my friends asking, “what should I do about….?”.  It seems to come up in almost every situation. And in almost all instances, asking that question is a result of 2 key things: 1. You have not defined what’s truly important to you, or 2. You […]

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