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Breathe and be Brilliant

“I don’t like the way I sound.” is a common complaint I receive from timid toasters followed by, “And there isn’t anything I can do about.” Wrong. You can quickly and easily transform potential shame into brilliant fame when you learn how to breathe. What Goes Up Audiences tend to tune out talkers when they […]

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Be Lucky Like a Leprechaun

And discover your own pot of gold Leprechauns are lucky, that’s for sure, but who do they search for to capture their fairy fortune? Nobody. These harding work elves discovered to be lucky simply offer one (or all four) magical well wishes related to the universally accepted symbol of good luck; the four-leaf clover: hope, faith, love, […]

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Power of Storytelling

Storytelling Techniques

Good sales training programs focus on process and execution; because that is what drives results: proven process and crisp execution. But take all of that away and you’re left with one thing: the ability to tell good stories. Customers don’t buy products or services, they buy solutions to problems. Telling stories provides an avenue to […]

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Win Your Case: Target the right audience and the judge will rule in your favor.

My cat excused me from jury duty. Truth be told, I actually like jury service, but I was scheduled to deliver a dear friend’s eulogy in the middle of the proposed trial dates. I decided to share specific facts about myself that I calculated would free me, temporarily, from my civic duty. Imagine the four […]

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Weaving Stories into Your Speeches

As we near the time for our Workshop/Presentation from Ed Tate 7-9pm, 12/14, I searched for some relevant and varied evidence of the power of stories weaved into Speeches. I’ve curated the following Tweets from my Twitter stream, and looked at the contents presented.  I thought all 3 presented good examples to inspire you to […]

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New Year’s Nuptials

   Toasts for new beginnings New Year’s resolutions are all about making a promise to new beginnings, both to yourself and to the one(s) you love. Whether it’s spoken words sealed with a kiss or a written contract signed and witnessed, you pledge to modify your lifestyle. I offer three tips and toasts to jumpstart […]

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