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Face the Fear of the Stage

You Can Lead A Speaker to the Stage, but…

You can’t make him drink.  Or would that be… speak? My guess is you can’t make anyone who is afraid of the stage do anything. 🙂 Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking …. it’s easier than you think. Has anyone really, and I mean really, broken down the fear of public speaking? I don’t think so, […]

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Impromptu Storytelling for Gavin

Improve Your Impromptu Storytelling with the Three Cs

You are surrounded by inspirations and life lessons and may not even know it. For example I recently learned three key concepts to improve my impromptu storytelling when Craig, my fiction-writing friend, told me about his Bluetooth bedtime stories. Craig can be in his car or traveling afar when he calls his three and a […]

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Once Upon a Skype by Michael Varma

Once Upon a Skype

A tornado of technology has turned storytelling, for business and pleasure, towards webinars, seminars, and Skype. Whether you’re training sales people in Pennsylvania or sharing a bedtime story with kids in California, you need to know how to best communicate and engage your audience across a computer or tablet screen.  My wife’s cousin Matthew, for […]

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how to write a good speaker intro

How to Write a Good Speaker’s Intro

Have you ever listened to a speaker introduction that was not as good as it could have been? Or maybe you wrote, or struggled to write, an introduction for yourself as a speaker.  For every speaking engagement I have, I create a new folder on my computer which I synchronize with my Google Drive account so I […]

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Seth Godin: Two errors that lead to fear

Interesting piece about public speaker from Seth Godin: The members of the audience are interested in themselves. The audience wants to know what they can use, what they can learn, or at the very least, how they can be entertained. Speaking in public: two errors that lead to fear 1. You believe that you are […]

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Kermit the Frog as Santa

Healthy Holiday Humor

I admire and follow the philosophy of Jim Henson, the creator of the Muppets, which is, “There can be inspiration and fun in everything around us.” That’s why at every holiday party I’m prepared with a few family friendly riddles.   Between Santa, snowmen, and sugar cookies there’s a lot of good clean comedic material […]

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Harry Lorayne

Six Ways to Win the Name Game

I used to feel embarrassed and socially inept when I forgot people’s names until I learned that 90 percent of healthy adults forget names. Yay, I’m normal. But as a magician and frequent public speaker I can meet up to two hundred people in a week and want to greet them by name when we […]

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Chicken Idol

Birds of a Feather Joke Together

With nearly 10,000 people following my monthly blog, I’m frequently asked to speak and present at various events. Many of the workshops, seminars and evening engagements include a “winner, winner chicken dinner,” which tickled my funny bone. At a June luncheon I told an impromptu chicken joke which produced a hearty chuckle. The next mealtime […]

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Have the Courage to Compliment

Have the Courage to Compliment

Praise is powerful and under the right circumstances it can be transformational unlocking the human potential. You might think I’m exaggerating the effects of a simple and sincere compliment, but evolution and science is on my side. Why You Don’t Compliment Our brains are wired to pay more attention and give more weight to negative […]

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say what you promise

Say What You Say You’ll Say

Guest Post by:  Stephanie Hotchkin Disclaimer: Speech titles are fictional, used for demonstration purposes only.  Any resemblance to actual presentations is entirely accidental. As an incoming speaker coordinator, I am responsible for finding and booking speakers for a monthly event, with an audience of 40-80 people.  Over the last several months, I have attended many […]

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