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2014 Magic Square

Achieve more with a Magic Square

I remember laughing in class after hearing the classic question: “What would you do if you could not fail?” I thought, That’s silly, at some point in time everyone fails. I can learn from my and other people’s mistakes, so failing can be transformed into a good thing. But I played the instructor’s game and […]

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Harry Lorayne

Six Ways to Win the Name Game

I used to feel embarrassed and socially inept when I forgot people’s names until I learned that 90 percent of healthy adults forget names. Yay, I’m normal. But as a magician and frequent public speaker I can meet up to two hundred people in a week and want to greet them by name when we […]

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coworking - death to networking

Death to Networking

(this is a reprint from my blog, which applies to folks here). Yeah – there – I said it.  Traditional networking gives me the hives for all the wrong reasons (as if there’s really a good hive reason), and personally I think it’s walking on its last leg. Before you attack me, even though you […]

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