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Are You Just a Speaker or Are You a Triple Threat?

If you are serious about being a speaker, whether full time, part time, for a cause or for work, it is no longer wise to be ‘just a speaker’ – someone who speaks on the podium and doles out motivation or advice.      Competition is getting deeper, younger, and more talented. Patience and attention spans […]

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LinkedIn Skills Section

LinkedIn: 7 Silver Bullets to Build Your Pipeline

So there are multitudes of Linkedin experts out there. All giving the same advice you’ve heard a thousand times already. But as Speakers, it still amazes me how many of us still don’t take advantage of the tool!     Here’s 7 secret LinkedIn silver bullets to build your connections, your leads, and your credibility: […]

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Magnify Your Speakers Bureau Membership

Magnify Your Speakers Bureau Membership

Within the span of 2 weeks – I have listened to 8 webinars & read at least a dozen emails on up’ing your speaking game, speaking for cash, how to make $ speaking, etc.  Who are these random people showing up in my inbox & how did everyone get to be a speaking expert / […]

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Waffle Wedded Wife

Giggles that started a joyful marriage. One of the joys of writing articles is when readers send me success stories, giggle generating jokes or videos like the Waffle Wedded Wife clip, which you can see on myTasteful Toasts blog website. It’s a good reminder that you can still have fun when you flub a line. The Gospel About […]

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12 Ways to Create Your Own Buzz

As speakers and small business owners, we sometimes need to do some serious bootstrapping to grow our brand, our business, and our careers.  I have listed 12 ideas below for you to use in building your own buzz to create more business.  I have tried all with great results.  If you have others, please feel […]

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Skip Plan B, It Distracts From Plan A

The title of this post is actually a line from a Will Smith song, and some of his talks.  It has stuck in my head for years, mainly because I am a burner of bridges (the typical plan b resource). Yet recently, I heard Peter Shankman (founder of HARO – Help A Reporter Out) speak […]

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Are you ‘just’ cool, or something more?

We’ve always put so much emphasis on ‘cool’ on being ‘cool’, remember back to high school? Heck, remember the iphone? But what really is ‘cool’?  Does it mean: Latest? Greatest? Fanciest? Expanding on that to business cards – we also carry that obsession to business. Cards. Websites. Flyers.  Maybe it’s all about the flash.  But […]

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Stand-out or Step Out of the Way

The Power of Defining Your Core Message: We’ve all heard of the ‘IT’ factor.  That je ne sais quoi. Both are ways to point out that certain indefinable something: when you are firing on all cylinders, when everything meshes and is cohesive. Nothing is holding you back; you’re comfortable in your own skin. But what […]

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