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Harry Lorayne

Six Ways to Win the Name Game

I used to feel embarrassed and socially inept when I forgot people’s names until I learned that 90 percent of healthy adults forget names. Yay, I’m normal. But as a magician and frequent public speaker I can meet up to two hundred people in a week and want to greet them by name when we […]

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We Bid You Good Cheer

Marriages that last seem to receive less attention than high profile, short term break-ups, but I believe the media has it all wrong. I’m taking a stand and showering attention on the simple and good things in life, after all good things last the longest. My friend Luby and her husband Bob just celebrated their […]

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Wedded Words

Toasting to the three Cs of a successful marriage. On Saturday, July 7, 2012, I had the honor of marrying Chris and Kirsten Wallace, a shy, young couple who didn’t want the spotlight, didn’t want to have a long ceremony and didn’t to say (or write) their vows. They made it clear to me the […]

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go for it!

Get Paid to Speak Champ Camp

Is Public Speaking Your Passion?  Are you working on your goals but not making enough progress?  Are you are spending time, energy and money but still not making progress?  How would you like to get paid for doing what you love?  Are you afraid to succeed? …What is stopping you then?  We just discovered a […]

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The Great Ginko Goof

Learn what to do after you forget something or someone important. I stood embarrassed like a monkey’s uncle on the stage at a family celebration when I forgot to formally acknowledge my cousin David’s engagement to his sweetie-pie Amy. Fact: every speaker, from emerging emcee to professional presenter, will encounter a lapse in memory and forget […]

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Waffle Wedded Wife

Giggles that started a joyful marriage. One of the joys of writing articles is when readers send me success stories, giggle generating jokes or videos like the Waffle Wedded Wife clip, which you can see on myTasteful Toasts blog website. It’s a good reminder that you can still have fun when you flub a line. The Gospel About […]

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One-Liners for Lovers

I recently read a wedding speech book that promised readers how to get laughs, but in my humble opinion, it was geared more for roasting the couple than toasting newlyweds. Wedding toasts should be positive as this is a new life for the couple. Remarks can still be funny. Read my opinion about Tasteful Wedding One-Liners. […]

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Own The Stage Encore Presentation

  Fellow Speakers Bureau members: Remember back in August Darren LaCroix joined us for a coaching / evaluation extravaganza?  We all didn’t know what to expect, other than we were told to start a 1-2 minute speech, and we would be evaluated by Darren? Many of us first thought that was crazy, but it ended […]

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Storytelling Workshop by Ed Tate

In my Add Storytelling to Perfect Your Speech post from my own site, I state that facts tell, stories sell.  I am an avid believer of the power of stories in a speech, as well as for everyday networking and connecting. Think about the ‘old days’ when important things were all shared and passed down […]

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Holiday Cookie Time

  It’s that time of year again, where we gather around the hearth to eat cookies and share stories and memories from the year that is sadly, and quickly, coming to a close. Ok, well, we don’t quite have a ‘hearth’, but we do have our Speakers Bureau meeting room at Crystal Cathedral! And we […]

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