next generation speaking

Dec: Next Generation Speaking

Are you Ready? Becoming a paid public speaker. How hard could it be? That was my exact thought after I’d been in Toastmasters for a year or two. I recall a Toastmaster telling me his wife took a shot at paid speaking, but she couldn’t make it pay. My thought: how hard could it be? […]

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Nov: Familiar Truthiness

Well, would you look at that? I just read about another speaker who says an audience has to “process” a presentation, not just passively listen. It was in the July, 2014 Toastmasters Magazine, Add Story to Your Slides. I suggest you read it again, with a highlighter. But let’s go a step further and learn something […]

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emerging speakers timeline template

Gotta Gig? Now what!?

CONGRATULATIONS!!! YOU were invited to speak!   So what’s your topic? Better yet, what’s your title? “Um…. I don’t have one yet.  What do I need to do?  I was asked to speak on X.” Can I be really honest with you?  As emerging speakers, we can’t jump out of the gate acting like the pro’s, […]

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creating relevant content

Oct: Are You a Stale Presenter?

What’s new ?  Ugh!  I never liked that question. What if I had nothing new? Does that mean I have no life? A loser? At the same time, it’s something to aim for in your presentations: something new. To keep it fresh. To keep it relevant. For the audience and for you. You will deliver it […]

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Sept: Think You’re Past the Basics?

What do you think when you see an article entitled something like, “Back to the Basics?” I used to think, “Ugh! “I’ve been there. I’m beyond that.” At the same time, I usually find a pearl somewhere in the article: maybe something I forgot or something I downplayed. So here we go. See if you […]

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wing2wing - all in how you frame it

Wing2Wing: Successful Speaking Strategies

Over the course of this year, in building the Emerging Speakers Bureau, I’ve learned so many things.  But the #1 thing I’ve seen in Emerging Speakers themselves is wanting to be ‘the big name’ speaker, instead of delving into, discovering, and owning who they are and capitalizing on that powerful portfolio of information.   Instead, […]

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don't make me think

Aug: Vegas vs Succulent

Audience Engagement: Are You Making Your Audience think too much? In my quest to study audience engagement, I finally found an article to support my theory that audiences need time to process what you say and present. Meaning, if something you say or do takes extra time to process, they either take the extra time and miss […]

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June: to TED or not to TED

I heard a funny comment from another TM Speaker’s Bureau: “Everyone wants to give a TED talk, but no one wants to give a 20 minute qualifying speech.”  As tough as a Qualifying Speech is, a TED talk is more demanding. One observation was: prepare to give the talk of your life. How are you going […]

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Face the Fear of the Stage

You Can Lead A Speaker to the Stage, but…

You can’t make him drink.  Or would that be… speak? My guess is you can’t make anyone who is afraid of the stage do anything. 🙂 Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking …. it’s easier than you think. Has anyone really, and I mean really, broken down the fear of public speaking? I don’t think so, […]

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sonny rollins cant think and play

May: Can’t Think and Play at the Same Time

Sonny Rollins: ‘You Can’t Think And Play At The Same Time’ 83 year old jazz musician Sonny Rollins has been playing music for over 60 years. In an NPR interview he said: ‘You Can’t Think And Play At The Same Time‘. He goes on: “The thing is this: When I play, what I try to […]

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