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Lionnel Yamentou is from Ghana (West Africa) but was born and raised in Cameroon (Central Africa). After serving as a teacher and mentor to over two hundred and fifty young adults in an under-developed country, Lionnel realized his messages of motivation and encouragement needed to be heard by more than just those few. In addition to serving as a Life Planning Coach, he is also a Motivational Speaker. He is also a business owner and entrepreneur, information technology professional and self-published author and writer.

Recent blog posts written by Lionnel Yamentou

how to write a good speaker intro

How to Write a Good Speaker’s Intro

Have you ever listened to a speaker introduction that was not as good as it could have been? Or maybe you wrote, or struggled to write, an introduction for yourself as a speaker.  For every speaking engagement I have, I create a new folder on my computer which I synchronize with my Google Drive account so I […]

Alternatives to Powerpoint

If you have ever had to sit for a presentation during your lifetime, I am sure you have had to experience a boring speaker. For many inexperienced speakers, their biggest sin is to rely on a boring Microsoft PowerPoint slide deck. There is nothing wrong with using a set of slides to support your message […]

Don’t Make These Mistakes when Speaking Professionally

If you are reading this post because the title appealed to you, then the advice I read from about negative titles works. I often speak in public because it is one of my hobbies. As part of my personal growth and development as a speaker, I believe joining associations and groups of people who are either […]