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Chairman of the Founder's District Speakers Bureau. Professional Speaker, Presentation & Speaking Coach, Consultant, Trainer, and Author.

Recent blog posts written by Victor Broski

Own The Stage Encore Presentation

  Fellow Speakers Bureau members: Remember back in August Darren LaCroix joined us for a coaching / evaluation extravaganza?  We all didn’t know what to expect, other than we were told to start a 1-2 minute speech, and we would be evaluated by Darren? Many of us first thought that was crazy, but it ended […]

Storytelling Workshop by Ed Tate

In my Add Storytelling to Perfect Your Speech post from my own site, I state that facts tell, stories sell.  I am an avid believer of the power of stories in a speech, as well as for everyday networking and connecting. Think about the ‘old days’ when important things were all shared and passed down […]

Holiday Cookie Time

  It’s that time of year again, where we gather around the hearth to eat cookies and share stories and memories from the year that is sadly, and quickly, coming to a close. Ok, well, we don’t quite have a ‘hearth’, but we do have our Speakers Bureau meeting room at Crystal Cathedral! And we […]

Chairman’s Chat: December

Key Subject line: Storytelling Wednesday – don’t miss it! With Cookies, Coffee, and Ed Tate! —————–   Storytelling tips from a pro – a gift from the speaking Gods. Storytelling in public speaking is a given.  Audiences don’t want a list of facts – they can get that from a book. How many times have you […]

Welcome Aboard!

Welcome to the NEW Founder’s District OC Speakers Bureau site. As a member of our club, you will find our newsletters, meeting information, and educationals. As a Qualified Speaker of our club, you will be listed & featured here as an Author/Speaker, and can contribute posts to this site. We welcome all inquiries for our […]