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Chairman of the Founder's District Speakers Bureau. Professional Speaker, Presentation & Speaking Coach, Consultant, Trainer, and Author.

Recent blog posts written by Victor Broski

5 senses story

Nov: Sense-ible Stories?

In communicating, we invoke the senses when we say things like, “I see what you mean.”  “That sounds good.” “That doesn’t feel right.” The sense of smell is used much less. We may describe a situation as, “That stinks.” Yet smell is the most powerful with respect to memories. Darren LaCroix, 2001 World Champion of public […]

write a book

Oct: Make Your Book Happen

You know, it isn’t just speakers who have trouble finishing their first book. A buddy of mine coaches high level volleyball. In a Facebook post he sheepishly mentioned his book project of 10 years. I texted him to ask about his book and how I could help him finish it. To my surprise, although I don’t know […]

achieving success

What Swimming Can Teach Us

This is a guest post provided by recommendations of Facebook friends.   There are many great points here which are applicable to all of us speakers.  Enjoy.   While there isn’t an exact formula for success that can be applied to everyone, there are some typical traits and habits of those who have achieved success […]

do your best, don't hope for the best

Sept.: Is Your Best Really Your Best?

You’ve heard the expression, “Do your best.”  Such as a parent to their child: “I don’t care what you choose (major / career / sport), just do your best.” What, exactly, does that mean? Do your VERY best? The best with time constraints? The best at all costs? Many athletes after a big competition, say: […]

say what you promise

Say What You Say You’ll Say

Guest Post by:  Stephanie Hotchkin Disclaimer: Speech titles are fictional, used for demonstration purposes only.  Any resemblance to actual presentations is entirely accidental. As an incoming speaker coordinator, I am responsible for finding and booking speakers for a monthly event, with an audience of 40-80 people.  Over the last several months, I have attended many […]

Staying Relevant as a Speaker

August: Are You Staying Relevant? Even Audacious?

Is your signature presentation as updated as your Adobe Flash or your smartphone apps? As I was updating my Flash player this month (it seems monthly), it reminded me of updating my apps. Which made me think of my and the Bureau-member presentations. Are we updating them? I remember giving several talks on nonverbal communication to […]

The Big Leagues

July: Are you Shooting for the Big Leagues?

I grew up in a neighborhood where there was a bunch of kids. We played whatever sport was in season. We knew we were low level, but didn’t think any more about it. Heck, we were in our own little world. Then we had an outsider come play with us. He played school football. He […]

Key to Speaking Success

June: Are You Speaking from the Heart?

No …really … Are you speaking from the heart? I don’t mean intending to, I mean LIVING your presentation. Not worrying about how you look or sound. Not worrying about your next perfect phrase that shows how smart you are or how hard you worked on writing it. Or the type of phrase that will win […]

Create from a box

May: Do You Have a Unique Story?

Life lessons from a recently homeless , aspiring public speaker. Larry Gassin and I just got back from a 4-day “Big Money Speaker” event near LAX. With Larry’s connections, we got in on free tickets. Yes, there were product and service pitches, but it was still worth it. Free was not totally free, however.  With gas, […]

Be Ready For Speaking Success

April: Ya Gotta Be Ready!

  A speaker friend called to ask if I had video clips of my Networking presentation.  I didn’t. I hadn’t edited out my favorite short clips from the video I took. It was not a fun feeling. It reminded me of what a lady once told me: “You have to be ready when it hits.” So […]