Who Are We?

Founder’s District Speakers’ Bureau exists to help speakers develop their speaking skills for the public arena—to help polish presentation, delivery, and content for audiences outside the Toastmasters club environment. The group provides support and education to help developing speakers begin the move from free to fee speaking.

The Founder’s District Speakers’ Bureau is a function of Toastmasters International and is supported, appointed, and authorized by the Founder’s District Governor and Public Relations Officer. Speakers’ Bureau is not a club. To become a member of Speakers’ Bureau, you must be a member of a Toastmasters Club, give a qualifying speech, then be voted on and passed by the members.

What Happens At Speakers’ Bureau Meetings?

Meetings have several components. We usually start with an educational presentation on a topic of interest to speakers. Then Qualifying Speakers give their presentations and receive feedback from the audience on how they did. At the end of the meeting, we open the floor for attendees to share experiences in the world of speaking, including leads, accomplishments, lessons learned, etc.

Why Should I Attend Speakers’ Bureau Meetings?

Even if you attend as a spectator, you have much to gain from Speakers’ Bureau meetings, including:

  • Meet and learn from other developing speakers
  • Hear what other speakers are saying and doing in their presentations
  • Learn and grow from monthly educational topics
  • Learn what is on the mind of your audience

When And Where Are Speakers’ Bureau Meetings Held?

Speakers’ Bureau currently meets at the Crystal Cathedral, Family Center building, on the north west corner of the Crystal Cathedral property in Garden Grove, 12141 Lewis Street, Garden Grove, CA., 92840 The major cross street is Chapman Avenue. We meet the second Wednesday of every month, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. Guests are welcome and encouraged to attend. Click Here for Directions.

How Do I Become A Qualified Speaker And A Member Of Speakers’ Bureau?

To become a member of Speakers’ Bureau, you must give a qualifying speech. The process is:

  1. Attend at least three Speakers’ Bureau meetings so you understand our format and expectations.
  2. Sign up to give your Qualifying Speech (contact Victor: speechpro@aol.com, 949-433-6258)
  3. Prepare a 15 – 20 minute formal presentation. Work with a Qualified Speaker, as needed, for coaching and advice.
  4. Submit your speech title and a speaker’s introduction to the Speakers’ Bureau Chair at least two weeks before the meeting (speechpro@aol.com)
  5. Come to the meeting prepared to speak and receive feedback.

What If I Need Help Preparing My Qualifying Speech?

Speakers’ Bureau members are often asked to mentor people preparing for their Qualifying Speech. This mentoring is always helpful to the Qualifying Speaker in preparing their presentation, contributes to their success, and is free of charge. You can request free coaching by contacting the Speakers’ Bureau Chair, Victor Broski (speechpro@aol.com)

What Happens After My Qualifying Speech?

After you give your speech, members of the audience will provide in-depth, constructive feedback on your content, appearance, delivery style, and overall presentation. They will also complete a written feedback form which you will receive at the end of the meeting.

In addition, members of Speakers’ Bureau will vote on whether to admit you to Speakers’ Bureau. Ballots are counted after the meeting, and you will be notified by telephone or e-mail within a few days. You might “Pass” and be admitted to Speaker’s Bureau, or you might be asked to “Try Again” at a later time.

What Are The Benefits Of Becoming A Member Of Speakers’ Bureau?

Members of Founder’s District Speakers’ Bureau gain many benefits, including:

  • Networking opportunities with other speakers
  • Constant learning and development of speaking skills
  • Opportunities to speak to local service clubs and other organizations
  • Opportunities to speak at Toastmaster training and conferences
  • Bio and posts on the club website, with links to your own site(s) and social media

How Can I Become More Involved In Speakers’ Bureau?

There are several ways to support the Bureau and become more involved:

 ·         Serve As Master Of Ceremonies At A Speakers’ Bureau Meeting

Each meeting has an emcee who helps plan the meeting, introduces speakers, and helps the meeting run smoothly and on time by serving as the “Toastmaster” for the evening.  Explanation of this role can be found by clicking Detail of Master of Ceremonies Role.

·         Present An Educational Topic

Each meeting has a 15 – 30 minute educational presentation on a topic of interest to speakers. Past topics have included Making a Professional Presentation, Using Questions in Presentations, Developing & Marketing Your Brand, Social Media, and Getting Your Book Published. Offer to present a topic, or nominate a business contact who might be willing to present a topic of interest to speakers.

·         Contribute To The Monthly Newsletter & Club Website posts

Victor Broski, Chair of the Speakers Bureau & Jack Nichols, the Co-Chair for Speakers Bureau and the publisher of “The Speakers Bureau Update,” are always looking for contributions to the newsletter & club website. You can write a short article on a topic of interest to Speakers’ Bureau members and attendees. Articles might be about recent speaking events, upcoming opportunities, lessons learned in the world of speaking, etc.  Posting articles to the club website offers additional exposure, PR, and traffic to you, your product & services, and your website.

·         Sign Up To Speak After Becoming A Qualified Speaker

Victor Broski is the Service Club Chair for Speakers Bureau. When outside groups submit a request for a speaker, Victor, and the Co-Chair, Jack send an e-mail to all Qualified Speakers who have registered their topics, phone number, and e-mail address. Bookings are assigned based on the fit between the requested topics and the available speakers.  Being promote on the club website also drives requests for speakers.


For more information on Founder’s District Speakers Bureau, contact one of our officers:


Victor C. Broski, ATM

Speakers’ Bureau Chair, 2006-2011

 949-433-6258 (cell)



Jack Nichols, DTM

Speakers’ Bureau Co-Chair, 2004-2005




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