The OC Emerging Speakers Bureau will be meeting at a new date and time.  We are separate and distinct from the Founder’s District Speakers Bureau, (which meets the 1st Wed. of every month) but our roots and hearts are from there.  We are not in competition with them, and being a Toastmaster is the basis for their meetings and Qualifications, and ours is open for everyone, but based on a different premise.  What matters is your voice, style and brand – and we work with that to create an authentic and new message portfolio.

Check back here in August for the official dates, times and location. with networking 30 minutes before and after the meeting.


Provide a place to practice on ALL platforms (social media, podcast, video, webinar and live) and receive candid, valuable and immediately applicable suggestions that work with who you are and the brand you are trying to define and build. Direct evaluations based of how a target audience actually thinks and responds to the material presented in order to improve a speaker’s content and encourage a higher level of presentation. Conduct monthly educational workshops on 2 track levels:  on the business side of speaking, and on speech development (also on related topics including getting booked, marketing, publicity, one-sheets, pricing, audio equipment, live recordings, webinars, and much more.

Meeting Format: (to be modified)

  • 20 minute educational session
  • Two 20 minutes qualifying presentations
  • Round-robin, real-world critiques
  • Video taped sessions for review
  • Shared speaking experiences
  • Networking opportunities
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Speakers’ Profiles

We meet at:


(keep an eye out for the updated location. sign up for our newsletter or meetup to get the latest info as it’s updated)