We are THE Preeminent Speakers Bureau in Orange County, where Toastmasters of today become Professional Speakers of tomorrow.  Our pool of Qualified and not-yet-Qualified Speakers speak about a varied range of topics such as Leadership, Sales, Motivation / Inspiration, Social Media & Branding, and Employee Engagement delivered across a  broad range of styles (such as educational, edutainer, entertainer, motivational, but all engaging).

Toastmaster Speakers, and especially Founder’s District Qualified Speakers, are consistently challenged and trained with the latest Professional Speaking skill development.  There are plenty of speakers who are experts, but think about the impact for your next meeting of having an expert that is also a Qualified Speaker!

…our speakers:

are put through a rigorous evaluation process, and voted in by members. We strive to ensure our Qualified Speakers have stage presence, can engage their diverse audiences, and can talk to your groups and associations on the latest topics.

We constantly aim to challenge our Speakers, and encourage them to continue learning, diversify their skills, and stay relevant with the latest topics.  Many of our speakers are also authors, coaches, consultants, and have businesses of their own.  We encourage you to explore our site and to review the articles and videos of our Qualified Speakers presented here on the site.

Anyone can attend Speakers Bureau meetings, but few have the courage and skill to become Qualified Speakers. Come to a meeting and check us out. It’s always entertaining, rich with educational presentations, and complete with diverse networking. Take your speaking career or your meetings to the next level – crank it up – by coming to visit us on the 2nd Wednesday of every month!

See the Speakers page for additional information on hiring our Speakers.  Check out our team page for all the Qualified Speakers.

See you at the next Crank-it-up Wednesday – the best way to spend 2 hours a month!


Do you want to speak outside your club but don’t know what to do next? Did you join Toastmasters as a step toward paid speaking engagements? Then the Founder’s District Speaker’s Bureau is for you!

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Speakers’ Profiles

Mission Statement
To train, screen and encourage speakers to go beyond the club level and reach their potential through speaking professionally. Our speakers represent Toastmasters International and serve as an example for all to see and hear.

Vision Statement
To help speakers of all levels grow to a place they want to be. That level is a personal choice through dedication, sacrifice, and practice. Together we assist individual growth by evaluation and encouragement each month. We stand as a resource for speaking talent.

Purpose Statement
We are part of Founder’s District Public Relations, Toastmasters International and serve all clubs and districts as requested. We are charged with the responsibility to screen, train and encourage all speakers who represent Toastmasters International. We want the audience to say “WOW! That speaker must be a Toastmaster.”


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