We are THE Preeminent Speakers Bureau in Orange County for fresh talent, fresh topics, and new takes, where Emerging Speakers (whether in Business already (corporate or individual), working towards professional speaker, or – online personalities and brands) become Professional Speakers of tomorrow.  Our pool of Certified and working towards Certified Speakers, represent a varied range of topics such as Leadership, Sales, Motivation / Inspiration, Social Media & Branding, Spokesperson, Youth Leadership, and Employee Engagement delivered across a  broad range of styles (such as educational, edutainer, entertainer, motivational, but all engaging).

We are focused on developing and supplying well-rounded (online and offline) speakers needed for today’s audiences! It’s not about technical perfection – but about engagement, story, interaction, new ideas.  Speakers who are capable of presentations that drive interaction on and offline.  You won’t find a fresh speaker pool as adept as ours.

If you are a planner looking for new talent or referrals for newer speakers – complete this form and we’ll be happy to assist you!

If you are a new speaker looking to learn more about this group (or want to speak), and to see if it’s a good fit for you, please contact us via this form.

…our speakers:

are put through a rigorous training and evaluation process, and hand selected. We strive to ensure our Certified Speakers have stage presence, can engage their diverse audiences, and can talk to your groups and associations on the latest topics. Their presentations are using current technology (where applicable), relevant, and interactive.

We constantly aim to challenge our Speakers, and encourage them to continue learning, diversify their skills, and stay relevant with the latest topics.  Many of our speakers are also authors, coaches, consultants, and have businesses or startups of their own.  We encourage you to explore our site and to review the articles and videos of our Certified Speakers presented here on the site.

Anyone can attend our OC Emerging Speakers Bureau meetings, but to train, speak, and become Certified you must be a member. Come to a meeting and check us out (check out our meetup for all the latest details:  meetup.com/ca-emergingspeakers-bureau). It’s always entertaining, rich with educational presentations, and complete with diverse networking. Take your speaking career or your meetings to the next level – crank it up – by coming to a meeting!

See the Speakers page for additional information on hiring our Speakers.  Check out our team page for all the Certified Speakers.

See you at the next Crank-it-up Speaker meeting – the best way to spend 2 hours a month!


Note for Toastmasters members:   You are always welcome at our meetings, and to be a part of our group! We believe the speaking industry is changing, and it’s more important to have a powerful message/subject matter expertise, and to be authentic, well-rounded, and able to truly engage with your audience.  We provide you that extra edge, and do not want to force you to fit in a mold. Because mold breakers are the ones being paid.

Mission Statement
To train, screen and encourage speakers to go beyond the perfect speech and bring out their unique point of view.

Vision Statement
To help speakers of all levels grow to a place they want to be. That level is a personal choice through dedication, sacrifice, and practice. Together we assist individual growth by practice, review, best practice evaluation and encouragement each month. We stand as a resource for well rounded speaking talent.

Purpose Statement
Build well-rounded emerging speakers by addressing strong content, message, technical delivery, relevance, point of view, edge, technical and social media prowess, as well as the business side of speaking.

Why try to re-build the wheel when everyone is flying. We get our speakers from 0 to paid faster, more efficiently, and more profitably.

Get connected to your core message.

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