Oct: Are You a Stale Presenter?

creating relevant contentWhat’s new ? 

Ugh!  I never liked that question. What if I had nothing new? Does that mean I have no life? A loser?

At the same time, it’s something to aim for in your presentations: something new. To keep it fresh. To keep it relevant. For the audience and for you. You will deliver it with renewed passion. (side not: passion is the hallmark of a TED talk).

Creating relevant content constantly is one of the best tools in your arsenal for your presentations.

There are several ways to add something new to your presentations:

  1. Interview people on your topic – anyone who will listen. Their answers will sound like research to your audience.
  1. Read more about your topic – Books, magazines, scholarly articles, white papers, on or close to your topic. $ and time tip: carry a notebook with you or set up a special file in evernote to carry ideas, jot down information you find, things that come to mind.
  1. Give presentations – Learn from audience feedback/interaction: ask questions, do polls / surveys, encourage people to engage with you on social media.
  1. Go to seminars – On or close to your topic, even other industries will offer new ways for you to look at things, or provide new info for your audiences (sometimes it helps to get ‘away’ from your topic for a fresh perspective.)
  1. Tell everyone what you talk about – Eventually someone will tell you something to add to your presentation, especially if you ask people about their challenges and pain points, even their own best practices or success tips.

These points count double if you are creating a new presentation. It had better be new or a different spin on a familiar topic. And why not a new, fresh title and subtitle.  Competition is deep, and going deeper on your topic may be just what’s needed for your presentation.  Or coming up with a new spin, new way too look at things.

Open your mind to new – to fresh. Heck, why not apply that to life as well? What could be better than new and fresh?

Then you could answer the question: What’s new?


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