Wing2Wing: Successful Speaking Strategies

wing2wing - all in how you frame itOver the course of this year, in building the Emerging Speakers Bureau, I’ve learned so many things.  But the #1 thing I’ve seen in Emerging Speakers themselves is wanting to be ‘the big name’ speaker, instead of delving into, discovering, and owning who they are and capitalizing on that powerful portfolio of information.   Instead, we seem to want to ‘fix’ what’s wrong, implement what the big names have learned, and wait for success. We follow them to every workshop, buy their product, become inspired with their latest message.  Then a year out, we’re still not any closer to what we’ve wanted.

I’d like to pull back the curtain a bit and throw this out there:  in reality, you’re not ready! yet.  Before you go to those big names for all their advice, do a little introspective work first. When you do that, you will be able to know exactly where you need help and guidance, and where to best spend your limited, hard earned money.

Going out on a limb here, and many of you may attack me back, but as an ‘Emerging Speaker’ you are not truly being clear about what you want, and what you want to attain.  You can’t be ‘the big name’ by simply applying what they’ve learned and their techniques, unless you know what you are bringing to the table, and what you are willing to invest for the the right things to help you grow.

Trying to emulate those already big names is destined to set you up for failure. Sure – you don’t want to go about reinventing the wheel and making the same mistakes, but sometimes – your mistakes will lead to your biggest solutions.  And solutions which are much better than what you were taught by someone who learned that solution many many moons ago.  Times have changed and you can compete!  Sure, respect the expert, but following them blindly will get you nowhere and have you poorer in the process. BUT!! if you know yourself first, where you are looking to go, and have a strategy – those ‘big name speaker coaches’ can now become your partners. (ever notice how teachers, and coaches seem to gravitate to certain people and really help them?  and you find yourself saying to yourself “i wish i could get that kind of help!”? well, you can, when you know where you are headed first.)

Recently I presented Wing2Wing: Building a Successful Speaking Career Strategy, because I believe when Emerging Speakers frame their brand and business properly from the start, it provides a competitive edge that no one speaks about: that you do have all it takes, right now, to get off the ground and build momentum. Partners are all around, looking to get off the ground as well. However, they won’t pop out until you know what you are looking for.  You’ve heard the saying: “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”? This is simple psychology.  Time to get your strategy down and your head & heart  in the game.

Successful speaking strategies don’t just happen. Successful speaking strategies are developed, they are intentions, and they spark action plans.

Don’t aim to be the next ‘big name’….aim to perfect, present, and position you, your story, and your brand – by building your wing2wing strategy first!

See the slides here: wing2wing!  If you want to view the webinar presentation, email me or comment here and I will send you the link!


Rae-Ann Ruszkowski has added Constant Contact Solutions Partner to the list of her credentials because of the 1-2 punch this tool offers speakers in creating a competitive business, promoting their events, and building a brand. Even Oprah knows about the power of obtaining a business development partner; her empire today wouldn’t be where it is today without one! She provided the vision, her partner made it happen. The Speaking Industry is changing and Emerging Speakers have more power than ever in breaking into the game when they play smart! How serious are you about creating success?


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