June: to TED or not to TED

I heard a funny comment from another TM Speaker’s Bureau: “Everyone wants to give a TED talk, but no one wants to give a 20 minute qualifying speech.”  As tough as a Qualifying Speech is, a TED talk is more demanding. One observation was: prepare to give the talk of your life.

How are you going to change the world with your message? Even more, what have you already done on this journey to change the world?

I HOPE I’ve passed on the right TEDx info to cause you to triple-think your intent to give a TED-type talk. It’s not a Toastmasters speech. It’s not a paid speech. It’s not a breakout session. It’s almost a change-the-world information session.

Loose outline

  • Here’s my idea.
  • Here’s the research
  • Here’s what I’ve done so far.
  • Here’s where we’re headed, here’s the dream.
  • Let’s make it a reality
  • (all throughout: make ‘em laugh, make ‘em cry)

I’m excited about our first shot at a pre-TEDx talk this Wednesday.  However, Amanda LaPera has given a version of this talk many times. She created it, tweaked it, delivered it, tweaked it again – repeat. She has seen the audience response. She has heard the comments after. She wrote and published a book on it. She’s done the book signings. She’s STILL making her talk better.

Next step? Grab a Yellow Sheet and sign up for a QS, a Qualifying Speech. Pick a topic that already means something to you, one where you have a head start. What do you want the audience to do at the end of your talk? What research backs up your idea? What has worked and not worked on your idea quest?

We’re waitin’ on you !!!


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