Jan: What’s Your Speaking Goal?

It’s a new year and you’re wondering: Is Victor going to talk goals?

I have to.  We spent time at the last meeting with valuable discussions on updating our presentation titles, now it’s time to put some muscle behind those presentations.

Therefore, specifically, we need to identify our speaking goals. My motivation for this? The opening lyrics from the John Lennon song:  So This is Christmas:

 So this is Christmas

And what have you done?

Another year over

And a new one just begun


I cringed at, “What have you done?”  How about you?

It’s the start of 2014. You can redeem yourself this year. I promise to avoid the R-word.

Let’s make it simple: set a speaking goal – or two. (see below for shocking observation from a 12 year old girl * )


I’ll start.

1. Speak to a large automotive organization to attract coaching clients – 4 months

2. Create and speak at seminar to help a plastic surgeon attract new patients – 3 months


For you?

Finish your signature speech

Deliver your signature speech

Start your signature speech

Create a product to sell

Layout your coaching program to make it easy to buy

Get Qualified at the Bureau

Attend more meetings


Write them down. Bring them to the meeting. Announce them. Be accountable.

* My inspirational speaker friend Brian Adams tells the story of his daughter mentioning a desire of hers. True to form, Brian asked: is that a goal of yours? She paused, thought for a moment and said: “No, it’s just something I’m going to do.” Simple?

To your speaking success!



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