Dec: Kickoff Next Year with a 2014 Strategy

kickoff for 2014This Kick-Off-Next-Year meeting is about you.

You, your speaking and 2014.

I will address two paths, the business path and the speaking path, with two stories.

Let’s start 2014 with a plan for your speaking. Whether huge goals or small steps, let’s do something together. That’s right, together – for support and accountability.

As you probably know, there is nothing like reaching an audience. Several years ago, I talked with motivational speaker Peter Vidmar, Olympic Gold Medalist in gymnastics in 1984. I asked him how the Olympics compared to public speaking. He paused, smiled … and said: “They’re pretty close.”


Not sold yet? Here’s a sad story from a Bureau Qualified Speaker.

He delivered a powerful and emotional message of hope and inspiration to a young audience. He knocked it out of the park. However, he had mixed emotions afterward. He was sad because that was the end of it. It was a brief moment in time. Gone. All those potential leads and potential sales like a lost ball in tall weeds. What’s worse, look at all those audience members who could have used his help in the future.

What made it all that way?

  • He acquired no contact info to keep them inspired – he had no sign up sheet.
  • He did not create follow up material: no book, no booklet, no CD, no blog or takeaways.

He was sincerely bothered. And he knew better from all the Educationals we had at the Bureau. But for some reason they didn’t sink in. Maybe he didn’t think he needed them yet.  Maybe he thought it wasn’t necessary at this stage. Maybe there wasn’t enough time or he didn’t think it was worth the investment at this stage of the game.

Whatever his reason, let his experience be an impetus for you to be more ready in 2014.

By that I mean decide on your speaking goals.

 Such as:

Get QS status at Bureau

Line up more engagements

Get paid gigs

Volunteer/Crew at a big seminar

Put on your own seminar

MC an event

Start your book

Finish your book

            Write a chapter or two

Or, …


We have a casual but invigorating and productive meeting planned for December! One you cannot miss if you are intending to take your Speaking to another level in 2014!

See and hear you there.



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