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If you have ever had to sit for a presentation during your lifetime, I am sure you have had to experience a boring speaker. For many inexperienced speakers, their biggest sin is to rely on a boring Microsoft PowerPoint slide deck. There is nothing wrong with using a set of slides to support your message during your presentation.

They can be very effective in helping your audience develop a better understanding of your subject. There is one rule I use before every using a slide deck for a public presentation. I ask myself: “Can I effectively deliver this presentation without the slides?” I will not develop a set of slides until the answer to that question is “Yes!”

Even though I have seen very creative and outstanding presentations created using Microsoft PowerPoint, there are a few alternatives for those who want to experiment with something new, or don’t have access to Powerpoint. Remaining fresh and relevant with tools and technology is key for anyone who is engaged in giving presentations on a regular basis, or otherwise.

  • Prezi is one of the most innovative ways of adding visual elements to your delivery. Prezi is strongly supported by TED and has been profitable since year one. There are currently more than 12 million people using Prezi to create interactive and visually stunning presentations. Anyone who has ever used any presentation software like PowerPoint can get started with Prezi in a few minutes. Creating a prezi is made easier with their expanding set of templates. They offer a free account. Below is a YouTube video of a presentation that was created using Prezi. Here is an example of Prezi used as a resume presentation.
  • Google Slides is an online presentations app that allows you to show off your work in a visual way. It is part of the Google Drive cloud storage solution offered by search company Google. Google Slide (just like Prezi) allows for collaborative simultaneous editing of slides by more than two people. Using Google Slides is free and they have a version that works offline. Google Slides also has hundreds of user contributed templates that you can use to get you started faster when you lack inspiration. If you already have a Google account and know how to use PowerPoint, you will find importing your slides into Google Slides a breeze and you will enjoy having access to your slides (ready to start the slideshow) from any computer with internet access. As a tradition, every time I complete a slides deck with PowerPoint, I upload it to Google Slides. It becomes my backup in case the original presentation is not available or does not work on a computer I have to use for a presentation. Give Google Slides a try, see an example slide deck here.

Those are the two best alternatives to PowerPoint I have used myself and strongly recommend. There are other alternatives but from my experience, they almost all have a longer learning curve. What other presentation software have you personally used and would recommend for their ease of use and special features?

Watch the prezi demo here:

Best Prezi Youtube Video

Leave your recommendations, suggestions, and comments below about the above software or others you have used.

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