July: Are you Shooting for the Big Leagues?

The Big LeaguesI grew up in a neighborhood where there was a bunch of kids. We played whatever sport was in season. We knew we were low level, but didn’t think any more about it. Heck, we were in our own little world. Then we had an outsider come play with us. He played school football. He was an offensive lineman – he protected the quarterback.

Early in the game, I was on defense, rushing the quarterback. As I approached the new kid, he came up from his crouch with arms flying and knocked me flat on my back. What the heck!!! I said, “What was that all about?” His expression went from stern to confused as if to say, “What?”

He actually was confused. That was how he played – all out, high level, Big League.

Lesson learned.

I remember 15 years ago when a Toastmaster told me his wife didn’t make it as a professional speaker. I recall saying to myself: “How tough can it be? You just get better at speaking!” I was naïve back then. Now I know better.

Where are you in your speaking? Are you a neighborhood speaker? That’s ok, but it’s not the Big League. Other players, or audiences, will eat you up. And it’s no fun finding out the hard way, like I did. Figure out where you want to be and create a plan. It HAS to be beyond your club. And even beyond the Bureau. We’ll get you a lot further along, but you’ll need to read books, go to seminars, listen to tele-seminars, and get coached. Isn’t that why you’re coming to the Bureau anyway? To make something more out of your speaking, to grow your skills to play in the big leagues?

To your Speaking Success!


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