Marketing Fail: Pushin’ & Pimpin’

Marketing Fail: Why Your Social Media Posts are FailingOK – the time has come to speak up.

As speakers looking to make a name for yourselves, to differentiate yourselves from the competition, and to make more substantial income, steering clear of a  common practice and an alarming new trend will put you on the right path. The goal here is to persuade you to use better tactics to build credibility and present yourself as the better choice, while having more people ‘see’ you, read your information, and sign up for your events.

1. Common Practice: Pushin’ & Pimpin’:

You know of the terms pushin’ and pimpin’ from other ‘industries’, with negative connotations.  These industries have no concern or consideration for, and of, the ultimate consumer or customer. Basically, when you use social media channels to constantly push your posts, your seminars, your books, your appearances, and push the same message across all channels, you are basically ‘forcing’ your message and pimping yourself. What you may not know is, the more you do that, the less you will be heard. Facebook will eventually not even put your posts in others timelines, others may hide you from their timelines, and overall, you basically become ‘white noise’. You become one of a million voices that can’t be identified, and is ultimately tuned out.

>> 3 Tips to immediately Correct Pushin & get more people engaged in your message:

a. Look at each thing you want to post, and ask yourself 2 big questions: what’s the main goal of it? what will your intended audience get out of it?

b. Lead with the pain or the benefit; get people to ‘buy-into’ listening to, by allowing them to basically give you permission to share things they are interested in, by making it all about them. When you do that often enough, they will listen and tolerate the brief moments when it’s all about you.

  • confirm a pain: tired of your pitches always being rejected?
  • be controversial:  networking stinks because you’re neglecting the real issue. Or, what i learned by procrastinating and later missing my plane.
  • offer benefit or experience: want to secure your promotion? double your leads?

c. Craft your message for the audience: facebook, linkedin, twitter, etc. do not get the same message. Each group has a different audience with different needs and different filters. Get to know what those needs, filters, and audiences are.  When you do, and you craft specific messages for specific audiences, you will build your credibility and drive your conversions.  (Think back to when you were a child when you wanted something badly. You started with one parent by asking flat out. You shifted to another parent by changing the message, avoiding or emphasizing key points. It’s the same basic process.  As a speaker you know this same ‘rule’ – different audiences demand different messages or techniques).

By shifting from pushin’ and pimpin’ to problem solver, coach, change agent, thought leader etc… you become more valuable to your respective audiences. Think of this as working on your ‘front of the room sales’.

2. Avoiding the alarming new trend:

Linkedin pushin. If you’re up on Linkedin and active (& all of you should be), then chances are high you’ve seen the increase in messages from your ‘network’ or your group mates,  pitching their article, their services, their new product, etc. This takes ‘pushin” to a whole new level,  to more of a violation of trust or relationship. Most of these messages come from people directly connected to you for one reason or another, in a ‘professional environment’ but who have not worked to nurture the relationship and open the door for ‘permissible’ marketing. By not getting to know the recipient and what their pain points or needs are, you risk damaging your trust, credibility, and sincerity with your network. It’s all about being of service to your network and not pushing your wares on them. Conversion on these efforts are not worth the effort. Why not play smarter and target?

Bottom-line:  Your audiences are more sophisticated, stressed, and overwhelmed. Their filters have become stronger than the hottest club’s bouncers in keeping people behind the velvet rope.   Your strategy for obtaining results is to build relationships, and craft messages directly to those people. More target messages to those that want to hear from you, builds your profitability. It will also mean more ‘streams’ you’re allowed to be in going forward. Play smarter.

Stop being a Marketing Fail, and drive some conversions – give it a shot.

Now go raevolutionize your marketing.  Shoot me your challenges or questions below, and I’ll help you build better messages.


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