June: Are You Speaking from the Heart?

Key to Speaking SuccessNo …really … Are you speaking from the heart?

I don’t mean intending to, I mean LIVING your presentation. Not worrying about how you look or sound. Not worrying about your next perfect phrase that shows how smart you are or how hard you worked on writing it. Or the type of phrase that will win the speech contest because you heard others use them.

Smooth, mistake-free presentations are boring, Speaking from the heart, as YOU, is exciting, meaningful, and memorable.  Speaking from the heart is the key to successful public speaking.

I know you spent hours writing your speech, but they (your audience)  are not reading it, they are hearing it and seeing it – and judging it.  Is this person real? Does this speaker care if I “get it” or is this a data dump and I’m on my own? Or do they care more about how smooth and “professional” they look. Like Darren LaCroix shouts: “Get over yourself.”

Do you believe in your material and does it show?  In the movie Life of Pi, the lead role of the young Pi was picked from 3000 applicants!

The winner … had no acting experience !!!  

Oscar-winning director Ang Lee said of Suraj Sharma, in the lead role: “He believes in the higher story.  He believes in EVERY scene. Every molecule of him believes in the story.” 

How well do you tell your stories to an audience? Especially the 20th time. Or the 50th time. Does every molecule of you believe in your story? Does it show?

Take a lead from Suraj Sharma, the young “actor.” Get into your stories.

“Every day was a training day,” said Suraj, speaking of the guidance of Ang Lee. For you aspiring speakers, keep honing your speaking craft – by speaking, reading books, and taking seminars. And getting coached. Getting coached will help you to stop focusing on the little things, and focusing on the message and delivery.

Ang Lee, speaking of the realism of special effects: “It’s because of your belief in the story that you believe the special effects, not the great CGI (Computer Generated Images) that you believe.”

Tell a great story, believe that story down to your inner being and your audience will believe it as well. That’s speaking from the heart.

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