The Key to Being Ready

Key to being readyVictor raises a very good topic in this month’s Chairman’s Chat ‘April: Ya Gotta Be Ready!’.  Too many times we are not ready for our 15 minutes when it hits. Many times we are focused on perfection, the right topic, the perfect video, the right business card, and never get out of the gate.  The key is in the start.  There are big steps you can be taking right now, with some simple, easily implementable quick hits and some requiring a little more effort.

1. Create a simple Marketing Strategy.  Know what you want / want to achieve. This is important and we all know this:  you can’t aim towards a target you do not have. Think about your past vacations / trips – you picked the place (target), and then started to list what you needed to pack specifically for that place, as well as all the things you needed to get done before you left. The same method works for your upcoming 15 minutes.

Have a clear picture of what you want to achieve and work back. What do you want people to know about you, and in what form? When your 15 minutes hit, what skills would you need in place right now?  What can you start modifying in your image and behavior to get you there? What are you good at? What are your strengths & weaknesses?

Play the ‘top 3’ game. Id what you want or want to achieve. Id the top 3 things that will move you closer to that goal. For each of those goals, id the top 3 things that you can do / implement / put in place now to bring you closer to those goals/tasks. Don’t leave that list without implementing at least 1 task. Then try another. Another option is to review Michael Varma’s post, ‘Pick One and Get it Done’ – then pick one and get it done!

2. Record some videos ($) with your phone to get comfortable in front of the camera.  Practice your table topics expertise by having someone ask you a question (while filming you on your phone) about what you do, or your #1 tip for speaking, your topic, a specific problem, etc.  Make a list of 10 questions for someone to ask you. Video the answers. Post the good ones. (Believe it or not, if you think ahead and are smart enough about it, do enough of these & you will have all the information for a book (easy enough to have them transcribed – not typing!!) Another option is when you plan on attending another speaker’s events, ask them ahead of time if you can ask them an interview question (have someone else film the 2 of you using your phone or other video cam) at their event; then do it!

3. Create some posts with catchy new titles, but are actually recycled speech content on the same topic or topic series. By doing so, you will start to see what people react to or comment on more frequently. You can create 3 versions of your content and post one here on this site, 1 on your site, and one as a guest post on a fellow speakers site or business connection’s site. Ask people to comment, and then reply to those posts – gets you in an expert frame of mind by explaining or defending your position.

4. Create some basic templates for proposals, pitches, intros, etc. Have them ready to go for simple tweaking. I did this for myself and it saves some time. I will post the link within a few days.  Also, if you purchased Darren’s Get Paid to Speak Program, he has some great templates there that you can immediately start using by setting them up with all your information in them – that way you have some forms ready to go when crunch time comes.

Whether you realize it or not, this is all part of your Personal Branding Strategy – what you want people to know, see, feel, experience when someone says your name, sees you, hears you, etc. All of this is under your control and influence. By doing these things listed above – it helps you define and build your personal brand by helping you connect with what is you-niquely you.

Golden nugget: When you start with identifying what you want and identifying your strengths (what you can use for some quick wins) and weaknesses (where you need help) – you have the foundation for building a great plan & a great start. Believe it or not, this will also help you focus on the the right courses and mentors and save money in the interim on osmosis courses. (You know those – the ones you buy but never do anything with, yet expect all the knowledge just to ‘seep’ into your brain).

I’ve also been caught with my ‘be ready’ down  🙂 and spent precious moments trying to craft something; and lost some good deals because of it. You’ve got a great mastermind here in the Bureau to help you setup, compare,  or critique you ‘basic’ ready-to-go items.  It’s much easy to work from these then to start from scratch. And who said ‘strive for done, not perfect’?  Hmmm…..

You never know when your moment will hit, and knowing all of you, it will hit. (And one last hint about the way the universe works, when you are ready for something to it, it will hit and sooner than you expect – so start driving!) For more info, see my previous post ‘Be Proactive”.

Now – go just start on the key to being ready!

As Victor says… ‘To Your Speaking Success…’



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  1. Larry Gassin
    May 4, 2013 at 11:19 pm #

    Great reminders and well-put! Thanks!