April: Ya Gotta Be Ready!

Be Ready For Speaking Success


A speaker friend called to ask if I had video clips of my Networking presentation.  I didn’t. I hadn’t edited out my favorite short clips from the video I took. It was not a fun feeling. It reminded me of what a lady once told me: “You have to be ready when it hits.”

So what did she mean by “be ready?” The sales of one her children’s book took off. Her publisher was now asking her to do book signings, teach classes on writing, and make other appearances. She was not “ready” to teach a class (public speaking), had not lost the weight she hoped she would, and felt she had to finally update her hairstyle.



What do you need to “be ready?”

  1. Several presentations, ready to deliver on short notice
  2. PowerPoint, handouts, video clips, product to sell
  3. Video promo on your website (do you have a website?) and/or YouTube
  4.  Blog posts to instill confidence in their speaker choice
  5. Current promo picture
  6. Proposal template
  7. Fee schedule

It’s going to happen. You’re going to get that call or request to speak. It will be short notice. You will call every speaker you know to ask: “What do I need to do?” And those calls don’t come in often enough that you can just shrug and wait for the next one. As I said above, it’s not a fun feeling.

Solution? Keep coming to the Bureau for tips, ideas, networking and speaker evaluations. Read current books on speaking and the speaking business. Take seminars from people who’ve been there. Use a speaking coach.

One more time: Ya gotta be ready when it hits !!!

To your Speaking Success!



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