March: Don’t Learn the Hard Way

Don't learn the hard waySomebody has been there before you. Why not take advantage of their tips and shortcuts? Most times, figuring it all out by yourself wastes precious time AND money.

My Advice? Don’t learn the hard way.

At work, I get our Yelp report for the week. It’s just OK. (Yelp is the go-to site for people to post online reviews of businesses) I realize  I neglected to finish our free presence on the site – no pictures of the shop. I pick four pictures that show us in a good light and post them. A week later, I see that a quarter of the people clicked through the pictures. Good news and bad news. The good: we now have a more effective online presence. The bad: we missed that for a year. Ugh.

What’s worse, Social Media Insight Expert (and Bureau newsletter editor) Rae –Ann Ruszkowski asked me, “Did you put text on your pictures to link back to your website?” I sigh. The old expression, “What you don’t know …”

This month, we have the gift of Darren LaCroix to show us what we don’t know about speaker product and product sales. Darren has done the research, the study, the homework. He’s created a spreadsheet of his product sales. I attended one of his two-day seminars and he showed us his prized spreadsheet. He studies it. He knows what sells his products and why. And consequently does more of the right stuff.

Currently, 70% of Darren‘s income is derived from product sales and he does NOT sound like an infomercial while on stage. If paid speaking is ANYWHERE on your goals list, plan to attend this rare, FREE opportunity to learn from one of the best. Darren is an National (and International) star!

Our Speakers Bureau is a mini mastermind group full of individuals with information, tips, and advice to help pave the way to your speaking success.  And, we are fortunate that Darren holds the Bureau in high regard, so he can find time in his busy schedule to share with us such things as his “back office” secrets which help make him money.

The speaking world has changed. So whether you are new, a seasoned professional, or working to become a better speaker for work, the Bureau consistently delivers information and educationals so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Learn what others do, and have done, to make it all work for you in less time!

Don’t forget to RSVP for this Wednesday’s Speakers Bureau meeting at:

I’ll see you there. To your Speaking Success,


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