January: Resolutions on Steroids

Resolutions on SteroidsJump into January 2013!

It’s 2013 – what do you HAVE to do this year? Notice that it’s NOT: “What do you WANT to do this year?”

I’m not talking New Year’s resolutions: those are desires, ‘shoulda-coulda-musta’s (you know the kind: ‘I should lose weight/must lose weight’), ideas, suggestions, etc.

I’m talking – ‘I must accomplish ………. this year’ type of items. Those things you really WANT to accomplish, not just start. Maybe I’ll call them Resolutions on Steroids! My motivational-speaker-friend Brian’s young daughter once said she wanted to ________ (the actual thing she wanted to do isn’t that important at the moment, but her intent is). He asked if that was a goal of hers. She thought for a moment and said: “No, that’s just something I’m going to do.” We should ALL have that simple, yet focused/committed outlook.

It’s been 10 years since she said that and she’s still DOING things (and wonders why her college friends aren’t).

Again, what do you HAVE to do this year? What THING or ACTION or STEP is going to make you  better at something? A better parent, spouse … speaker?

I say – put your speaker Resolutions on Steroids in an email to me, OR, comment on this post with the top 1-3 things you are absolutely  committed to doing or accomplishing,  and we’ll get in a list, on the Bureau website, for all to see. That’s right, post those things you’re going to DO.

Such as:

  1. Book more gigs
  2. The next step in your website
  3. Nail down that unfocused presentation
  4. Finalize your PowerPoint
  5. Write twenty blog posts
  6. Finish your book
  7. Do your Qualifying Speech – or QS2

I’ll bet you’re thinking: “Why not just stick it on my fridge”? Sticky Notes ™ eventually lose their sticky and fall off. And who all sees it besides you? With family, you can excuse your way out of it in a few months. Stick in on our website … with a date. I’ll announce them at the meetings –
with monthly updates. You may get some help from the group, to help make it easier to accomplish.

You get to brag when it’s accomplished. Cheer. Celebrate. And we can even promote it on the website, if that’s something you want promoted.

We’re there with you. It takes a tribe – let’s help each other succeed!



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