SM x TM = $$: Capitalize on Speaking

TM and SM equal more moneyTired of having one hit wonder speeches? You write a manual speech, deliver it, and it’s over? Capitalizing on your TM work by marrying your TM skills with social media to make more $, increase credibility, & build your pipeline is easier than you think.

The ability to give speeches publicly makes you more marketable. Confidence and Speaking go hand in hand in building credibility and expertise – you know all that. Now play smarter to make it all work for you, with less work.

In this competitive and flat world, ‘You’ replacement is everywhere. Mediocrity is a killer, and managing-promoting your career or business is no longer an option.  Never has it been more critical to take control and re-tool, re-purpose, and re-invent your skillsets. This is an area you must constantly stay on top of to stay ahead of the competition.

You are a product and service, a set of skills you exchange to fund your life.  Own it! Here are the first steps to repurpose your TM work now, for more $money$ and opportunity tomorrow:

  1. Repurpose your speeches, become smarter in creating them. Basically, think of what your audience needs (you supposedly do that anyway from all your training, but think beyond your audience group of Accountants or HR Managers), and create your speeches mindfully so you can have other uses:  training, a podcast, a post, a book, webinar, etc.  Ensure you have calls to action, and provide valuable tips.  Think beyond the ‘contest’ as your main goal. Tape speeches. Write them. Speak them. Video them. Animate them. Make an inspirational poster or picture from key points & takeaways. Each of your speeches can be chunked into something, or molded into something creative for another medium.
  2. Craft a digital bumper sticker. Anyone can successfully deliver your speech – what makes it uniquely you? Know it. Communicate it. 10 Second commercial 2.0 – Your brand. As a speaker, Toastmaster, up and coming Professional – you need to start with this, and now.  If you need help, refer to my Personal Branding Worksheet.
  3. Build an online presence. Designing how you want to be seen, building your brand, and showcasing your particular style of work is critical for everyone. This is no longer an option for you as a speaker, in whatever form, and whatever your goal.  You have mastered the top human fear – public speaking. You are more confident, and have more connection, and more reach. Take advantage of that and create your online platform.  Your main tools are Linkedin, Youtube or Vimeo, a website, and some other tools depending on where you are, who your audience is and what you want to achieve.  See my Pinwheel Philosophy to understand and see how to connect and use it all.

Great speeches come from knowing the audience, delivering valuable content, and being yourself. Those are the same secrets to great social media & personal success. Create multiple uses immediately for your next speech by thinking beyond your manual! Toastmasters is bigger than manuals,  meetings, and contests. Start building your own stage. Create your own amplification for all your hard work.

I have several tip sheets here to help you with your digital bumper stick / personal branding message, and in understanding which social media to use.  Check them out here. (and sign up to receive more as they get added).

You have the power in your hands to make the most of your speeches, and capitalize on the opportunity to make your speeches work double and triple time for you.  Capitalize on Speaking. Do it yourself, or get some help, but just do it – you owe it to yourself and your future. You are worth the investment.


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