December: Partner Up!

Partner UpYou’ve probably heard the phrase: “Babies don’t come with owner’s manuals.” That is, you have to figure out how to raise them yourself. Ok, not exactly – it’s been done before. You can call your mom. Your older sister. Your cousin. You get the idea.

It’s the same with anything, even (paid) speaking. There are people who’ve done it before you and can show you the ropes. Or, if you’re new, show you the strings

The good ones, the coaches, cost money, but you can bootstrap your efforts by starting “local” – with experts that are around you.  Are you schmoozing with those people at the Bureau? Are you listening to the Educationals? Are you paying attention to the evaluations? Who can you partner with on your journey?

The paid coaches, such as Darren LaCroix, can take years off your learning curve as well as save you headaches and lost income.

Along those lines, we have a special treat this month. Kevin Graham, the current president of the NSA (National Speaker’s Association), will share what he’s learned from his speaking journey and his elbow-rubbing at the NSA events. There will be something for everybody.

There’s no loss of pride by asking for guidance as you dive into the speaking arena. In fact, it’s so much more frustrating attempting it on your own, and most times, not as successful. Don’t forget to read books on speaking and the speaking biz, (free) Webinars, seminars and DVD’s.

See you on stage – soon!



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