Cool Tool Finds

Tool manThis month several cool tool finds came across my desk so I had to implement some and give you a quick review.  (None of these links are affiliate links FYI – just information links if you are interested in checking them out).

Cool Tools for Speakers:

Udemy – a new online training place.  Very easy to setup, record, list, and sell a class.  An interesting strategy to try is creating a class and providing a deep discount coupon code to your list of followers and friends.  This drives up the popularity scale, and the class shows up in Udemy’s “might want to try” feature listings, with the full price shown.  Interesting option to try out the training side of your speaking and making a few extra bucks.  I have several classes going live in the next 2 weeks.

Voicebase – Really cool new tool that allows people (and you) to search your recordings by keyword.  Record and upload your speeches, and have your speeches searchable.  Sometimes your audience writes down really memorable pieces of your speech / presentation, but then forgets to write down you name next to it.  Now they can search on that and be able to find you, and the rest of your speech. Offers the added function of creating transcripts.  Another great tool for speakers. (added bonus – can use these keywords as tweetables)

Amazon Author Central – Part 1. if you are an author – then get your pic and bio set up here.  Part 2. Did you know you can publish your blog through Amazon kindle?  Some things to think about.

Speech Ideas / Info – Have you ever used LinkedIn Signal?  Go to the news tab, scroll down & click signal.  Search on topics you are interested in to see what others are saying, and connect, get ideas, see what the competition is up to. ALSO – it’s good to see if your name comes up for your topics.  If not – add more keywords, posts, updates, comments to your groups, etc to your profile.  I searched on keywords for some of our SB members and didn’t find any of you listed for your topic.

Tagxedo – word cloud generator.  Put your bio through it, your about page, your resume, a speech you wrote, etc, and generate a word cloud to describe you in an image.  The example below is of my marketing flyer put through tagxedo.

Linkedin Word Cloud






What kind of tools will you use this week to help you stand apart from the competition?  Implement some and make yourself more ‘findable’!



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2 Responses to “Cool Tool Finds”

  1. Larry
    November 11, 2012 at 12:15 am #

    Rae-Ann – Cool stuff and great finds! Thanks.

    • Rae-Ann Ruszkowski
      November 11, 2012 at 6:03 pm #

      Thanks Larry! Hope all’s well, and I also hope to pass along more.