October: Power of a Team

brainstorming the power of a team Yes, the Bureau really is the best three hours in Toastmasters. The brainstorming/networking caps it off.

I learned a long time ago you can’t do a speaking business alone. There’s too much to it. It takes a team. Even a contest speech takes input from others.

Here’s an example:

At a previous Bureau meeting, Michelle Haynes gave away a compost container. I took it. We met for her to give me the worms to make it all work. And the lessons started there. And I mean the speaking biz lessons, not the compost lessons.

  • She put a smiley logo on the container – to extend her brand.
  • She asked me to take a picture of the container in use and put it on her Facebook page – making her program bigger than just a compost container.
  • She had me name it! To get me, and her Facebook followers, more involved.
  • She took pictures of her logo container in front of other sustainable practices to …

… I’ll let her tell the rest at the next meeting.

People like to be part of something bigger than themselves. Are you creating a community around your passion? A Facebook following? A blog to follow? A website? A video blog? People don’t just want to hear you speak, they want to be a part of your tribe.

Speaking of video and networking, Daniel Cossack’s video equipment and filming at the last meeting encouraged me to attend his monthly Toastmasters TV shooting. And since Michelle is rockin’ her speaking, I told her about it. Big surprise – she went. We learned a lot. I’ll demo a big lighting tip at the meeting.

Remember that our meetings are more than an agenda of speakers, evaluations and educational. There’s the invaluable networking and brainstorming: the power of a team. They say that there are at least 3 people right now who can influence your future and help make your goals real. Who are those people for you? My bet is, at least one of them is at the Speakers Bureau.

EDU: 30 minutes investment in learning

Speakers: 1 hour investment in listening

Evalutions: 30 minutes of valuable feedback

Networking and Brainstorming?: PRICELESS……

Invest in your future. Attend the OC Speakers Bureau Monthly Meeting.


To your success!



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