LinkedIn: 7 Silver Bullets to Build Your Pipeline

LinkedIn 7 Silver BulletsSo there are multitudes of Linkedin experts out there. All giving the same advice you’ve heard a thousand times already. But as Speakers, it still amazes me how many of us still don’t take advantage of the tool!



Here’s 7 secret LinkedIn silver bullets to build your connections, your leads, and your credibility:

  1. Almost always overlooked: Create a detailed invite for a connection – mentioning where / how you met someone, & refering to a conversation if applicable.  Key is to personalize. Do not use the LinkedIn default message. Also, send ‘thanks for the connect’ return message to those valuable connections. You want to build relationships.
  2. Add ‘skills’ to the Skills and Expertise section in your profile. Not only are you adding searchable keywords to your profile, but on the Skills & Expertise page (see the More tab on LinkedIn):  you increase your chances of being shown on that page to others who search on those skills (highly used by Recruiters, Event & Conference Planners) and you also get a nifty little graph for the growth or decrease of certain skills.LinkedIn Skills Section
  3. Join the linkedin group of event planners – participate, connect, ask questions what they look for in the right speaker…. Start making connections.
  4. Personalize and customize The Contact Me for section at the bottom of your profile by adding “Contact ‘Your Name’ if you’re looking for….or if you want…., and list what you want people to hire you for, or solutions you can solve. End it with: See my website for more info and video highlights. and add your website url”
  5. Use jobs search page and search on event speakers, professional speakers, public speakers.  You may not be looking for a job listed there….but there are connections and opportunities to be had if you just reach out.  You will find people, companies, contacts, ideas.
  6. Use the events app and add to your profile. Search for events (you can even then contact people to offer your services as a speaker etc), set up your own events, post your own on your groups. Also a good idea to see what’s being offered; it’s like market research, for free.
  7. Lastly, go through your network and identify the top 10-15 people who can be crucial to your success in the coming year, or who could be instrumental to your goals. Stay in contact with these people, and send something of value at least once a month (see Victor for ideas).

LinkedIn truly is a valuable tool for Speakers!  And don’t forget to customize your LinkedIn url. Get connected.


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