What are you conditioned for?

are you conditioning yourself for professional speakingAs a public speaker,  are you conditioning yourself?

Our bodies conform to our lifestyle habits. A typical blood  cell lives in our body for 120 days.  A typical skin cell dies and is replaced every 35. Your body is constantly changing, out with the old & in with the new. And each time, each cell is becoming  more modified to your lifestyle, from how to process energy to how to fight infection.


(take a second here – do you realize the implications of  that? Read on for more of the morale)

I’m not an athlete.  Never  have been.  Yet, while basking in the spirit of the Olympics, world class athletes performing at the peak of their  skills, I can’t help but marvel at their stamina and emotional fortitude.  Were they born that way? Not being an athlete,  ever, I am mesmerized by what they make their bodies endure all in pursuit of a  medal. A medal that says they are the best – they are amazing.

Imagine the years of practice and sacrifice for that medal.  Then what? After they get it – What can top that? What goal comes after that?  I had that question in mind  when I took my mother to see an older person’s version of cirque de soleil.

As I watched intently at how these older individuals were still able to perform acrobatic feats, it dawned on me – they conditioned themselves for a lifetime of that kind of movement – to bend in ways we would never dream of bending, to be that coordinated in movement. Amazing. Even with the Golden Boys – 2 gold painted, Polish acrobats, demonstrating their incredible strength as they lifted and moved each other in super slo mo….I mean, have you ever tried to lift a 185 lb. man on the arch of your foot only, in slow motion?  Go figure. All started out working towards their goal one day, and decided to keep doing it. They’re strong, sure, but can they run? Do ballet? Or how about swim?

Both of these sets of ‘athletes / performers’ concentrated on their craft. And their bodies adapted to the conditioning of intensive training, and that lifestyle, so they could do that particular skill very well. Even if I started training today to swim 2000 meters, with a desire to rival none,  I still couldn’t match the level of output and performance of these individuals. Sure – I’m older, but that’s not the major factor, as is evidenced by ErnestineSheppard, who at 74, is the oldest living bodybuilder (she started her journey at 54). It’s all about conditioning, and what you have conditioned your body to do over the last few years.

What do you do every day to train your public speaking self?  Are you regularly training yourself to enhance your skills?

  • Do you do voice exercises?
  • Do you read? (Current events, about your audiences, latest on your topic)
  • Do you regularly hold webinars, teleseminars, trainings, etc.?
  • Do you sell information products based on your speeches and knowledge so you can speak in any medium?

Get the picture?

Moral: A little training every day makes each time on stage a little easier, and allows you more opportunity to excel.  To stand on the big stage. Time is a-wasting.  What are you conditioning yourself for – a life of successes, or a life of unfulfilled dreams? What kind of life are your new cells being shaped into; one built for performance, or one built for ease.  Only you can decide what your greatest tool is worth to you.  All it takes is one decision, this moment, to shape a new future.  How are you going to shape your moment, and craft a future life?

To your success, and I miss you all ~


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