August: Invest in Yourself

I so want the Bureau people to be better speakers. Do you want that for yourself?


I remember the first time my speaker friend Brian Adams used the term “Investment” to an audience when promoting his motivational / inspirational products. He said to them: “This isn’t your cost for this. This is your investment. The  investment in your future.”

invest in your futureI initially thought it was a trick way to downplay the cost of his DVD’s. But he’s right. A cost is the price of lunch while at the seminar and the gas it took to get there.

Materials that make you a better speaker are an investment, not a cost. Paying a coach is an investment, not a cost.

Meaning, going to the advanced seminars by Darren LaCroix (mentioned elsewhere in this newsletter)are an investment in your future. It took me 2 years to go to these recent  seminars. Don’t you wait that long. And no, I make no money if you go. I probably should and I imagine he has an affiliate program that would pay me, but I want to return the favor of him speaking TWICE at the Bureau – for like two hours each time.

Again, if professional speaking is your goal or dream, his seminars will not “cost” you, they will save you time, money and frustration. And give you the confidence to command higher fees. Read the post on Darren’s Get Paid to Speak event here.

You will thank me a week after you attend.


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