July: Announce It – You are a Speaker!

Are you a speaker? Announce it!Are you a public speaker?
o Yes   o No   o Sort of  o Soon

I would like an answer to that question, because …

One of the first steps on your path to becoming a public speaker is to call yourself one.

A lady I worked with many years ago, Susan, was getting more  into her art. She did jewelry, drawing, painting and such.  She decided to have a small show.

A short while later she postponed the date of her show.  After a few weeks, she cancelled the whole show.

Reason? She was not sold on  herself as an artist.

Luckily, at a social gathering, a lady introduced Susan as  an artist. That was it! From then on, Susan called herself an artist. She designed some artsy business cards that said: Susan, Artist.  And yes, she eventually had her show.

Are you a public speaker? Are you a public speaker?

Jack Canfield, co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series, offers similar advice in his seminars to aspiring writers.

At the break of one seminar, an attendee asked another:  “What do you do?”

“I’m a writer.”

“Oh, how long have you been a writer?”

“About an hour.”

Take a lesson from Jack Canfield. Start right now!  At your next networking event, introduce yourself as a public speaker. It will encourage you to pursue more avenues in  your speaking quests and give you more confidence as a “public speaker.” If you have to, add: “My day job is …” Some people say, “What pays the bills is …”

Is public speaker on your business card? If not, get some medium priced cards that say so.

Having it in writing, and you saying it out loud  … you’re on the road!


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