Magnify Your Speakers Bureau Membership

Magnify Your Speakers Bureau MembershipWithin the span of 2 weeks – I have listened to 8 webinars & read at least a dozen emails on up’ing your speaking game, speaking for cash, how to make $ speaking, etc.  Who are these random people showing up in my inbox & how did everyone get to be a speaking expert / coach all of a sudden?

Now, you may be inclined to say “so” since we are all speakers, “learning” more about our craft (so we tell ourselves), and stepping up to be experts ourselves like Victor tells us. Yet, all of these products are from people who’ve ‘fallen’ into speaking as an information marketing way of improving their income.  They started with other products & services to pitch. Yes – most of these people can be coined information or affiliate marketers, looking to part you with your cash in an effort to help you solve a pain…namely, getting more business, and getting more $ for your business through speaking.  It’s just another income stream for them.

All of these people, though they may not be ‘professional’ speakers,  have become “speakers” by default. And now they want to share their secrets with you. The sad thing is – members of the Bureau can, and should be doing the same thing.  Few of these “inbox” people are perfect, nor have they mastered all of the recommended techniques. They don’t use all the correct gestures, or words, or presentations.  They have not won area contests or served in offices. They purely want to get paid for sharing information they have collected along the way and what works for them. They simply mastered the art of marketing, and committed to building their source of income.

I have watched the rise of all types of ‘get paid to speak’ leaders from Darren LaCroix to Tom Antion & various others in between for the last 3 years now.  And it’s all about Marketing, my friends. You also need to magnify your Speakers Bureau membership and skills to stay in the game.

Why this should be important to you:

  1. The longer you wait to capitalize on your Speakers Bureau investments of time before you get up there to qualify for a speech and to get out there speaking – the less money you will be making. Period. Obviously, by not speaking, you are not putting money in your pocket. But add on top of that:
    •  More competition from non-trained / studied speakers,
    • An oversupply of speakers, in every topic,
    • Cheaper fees for you in the future from the oversupply of speakers,
    • Redundancy of message (inspirational or otherwise), therefore, meeting /event planners will be requesting more for less.
  2. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to differentiate yourself and your topics.
  3. The longer you wait, “business people” with legitimate products & services to sell will be taking your place as a speaker.
  4. The longer you wait, the harder it will be for you to break into the ‘business’ as a starting out speaker.

To turn the tides and take advantage of your investments and learnings by focusing on your marketing base and presence now.

  1. Capitalize on your speeches by putting them to good use now.  Start giving your speeches a new life and have them cement your speaking future, improve your career, fine tune your professional version speeches, add additional income to your current bottom line, start building a name for yourself, and be a catalyst for improving your writing and speaking skills.
  2. Every speech is information that can be working for you as your intellectual assets.  All you have is information.  Start making that information an extension of you.  Your advice, guidance, motivation and knowledge which can now be shared online & building your following, demonstrating your portfolio, and growing your brand.
  3. Take advantage of the tools available to present yourself in written, video, or podcasting form. You can create eBooks from those materials.  You are a content creator, and having materials online allows you to ‘crowdsource’ your next great speech, with feedback and comments from others. Create a webinar or workshop that transforms your speech into a service.
  4. Each piece you share allows you to constantly flesh out, improve, tweak, and personalize. It also allows you to have material to share or sell from the back of the room. Words – your speeches – can be presented in any form, and modified for the channel or tool.
  5. As much as some people here may say otherwise – the world of speaking is changing dramatically, as are the formalities and techniques. The world wants stories, personality, new information, and easier ways to do things or feel better. They want more value.

The quicker you engage in thinking of your speaking and speeches as assets to share and capitalize on, the quicker  you will build your social proof armory, getting your name out there, and growing your influence and social currency – which in the longer run helps you reclaim higher fees because you will bring more exposure to the group you are speaking.

LinkedIn highlights your well rounded portfolio of skills;

You tube presents another dimension of you in action & allows your presence and personality to shine;

Slideshare & other tools allow you to show off your presentation skills;

Blogs highlight your thought & inspirational leadership, writing style, and offers your e-press & media kits to get you work. (& keeps you in search results for your topics, if all done properly).

What are you waiting for? You are coming to Speakers Bureau for change and opportunity. What will you be doing next to put a magnifying glass on those goals?

There are ways to differentiate yourself and provide value like no one else. Don’t let another gig go to someone else who had more courage and belief in their story, and willingness to step in front of people to make something of it.  It’s a big world out there – go grab a piece of that pie!

(Side note: even if your aspiration is not to be the next great professional speaker, but to really make an impact at work – these tips help extremely well for that arena as well.)

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