Speakers Bureau: Content Networking Resource!

Content Networking ResourceA Guest Post by Michelle Deets Haynes

When I joined the Speakers Bureau, I was looking for speaking experience and constructive criticism. It never occurred to me that this group is also a “content networking” resource!

Speeches rich in content and application draw in audiences, but we can only find so much data on our own.  My first presentation covered the academic support that cell phones can provide to students.  The next day, Victor began to funnel “students and cell phones” articles to my email inbox.  Every article provided content and support for the subsequent versions of the speech.  These additional perspectives and anecdotes expand my presentation and keep the various renditions fresh.

Now my focus is on sustainability, green tech, and zero waste.  I shared my speech goals with Victor and, once again, he began to notice several sustainability articles, programs, and contacts daily.  He wasn’t deliberately looking for them, but our conversation put the concept on his radar.  Again, my email box and text messages have a drip feed of fresh material.


We all glimpse random content in our daily wanders through our contact lists, conversations, and Google searches.  Our differing careers expose us to many facets of a subject.  How many resources might you have been able to funnel to a fellow SB member?  And, how many might they have sent to you?!

Ever the leader, Victor plans to create a database of Bureau speaker topics so that we can keep an eye out for articles for each other.  Add yourself to the database; together we can generate a content network that will strengthen and inspire the whole organization.

Michelle Deets Haynes
Clarity Learning
website: http://www.ClarityLearning.net 
blog: http://www.ochometutoring.com
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