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Mark Your Mark Build Your Team


Create Your Own Dream Team – for free!

I’ve mentioned in the past to get a public speaking team. It’s tough to rise in the public speaking ranks on your own.

As an aspiring speaker you need to have or have connections to:


  • Graphic design
  • Copywriting
  • Video taping
  • Video editing
  • Presentation coaching and critique
  • Assisting & Support
  • Etc.

Get the point? It takes all kinds of skills to help you reach the top.

Here’s one more need where the Bureau can help: topic research.

You may think you know all there is about your topic, but referring to different sources helps you connect more with your audience, and helps you to be more of a ‘well-rounded’ expert.

My inspiration for this post:

Michelle Deets Haynes sent an email to Rae-Ann and me asking about putting her new topic on the Bureau site (my bold below):

“Michelle is bringing her energetic dialogues to the clean tech industry. She offers presentations on the issues, solutions, and triumphs in the resource sustainability movement. Her goal as a “clean tech evangelist” is to excite the public about the environmental advances made by business and industry and to spread the message that science, ingenuity, and personal choice will lead us to cleaner communities.”

The next day, I see a newspaper article about a proposed recycling center in Costa Mesa with an educational wing, recycled arts, an amphitheater, etc. I email Michelle the link. Two days later, I see a comic on recycling and email it to her. THEN, Time magazine tells me of a huge environmental event nearby. Yes, I pass it on.

And it continues a week later: I run into the owner of Green Box eCycling, a recycler of electronic devices. Then a customer talks of consulting on solar generators above city parking lots.

Quote from StandUp Comedy guru/writer/etc. Judy Carter:

It takes a village. Very few people have what it takes to create alone. Have regular meetings with supportive people and assess your progress.

My Bureau idea: create a list of speaker topics with email addresses. When you see something that fits, email it!

You may think you have access to all the latest info of your topic, but your SB associates also have other interests, and access to research & info that you may not necessarily have thought about which may be available.  OR – access to articles which put a different spin on your topic.

Pick a few members who have topics on related interests of yours, and email them when you see something which may help their topic.  You never know what may be just the item someone needs. When you receive something from someone – add it to your research received list, with the person’s name and the link or description of item sent.  That way you can keep track of it all, and thank the person later, or return the favor.

We are all here to help each other grow as speakers, and this goes beyond the evaluations & EDU’s.  Let’s take advantage of our own village to help each other “Make our Marks”!

Looking forward to seeing you this Wednesday the 9th, for the best 3 hours you’ll spend this week!

To your Speaking Success!



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